Around ovulation time women prefer men without bodily hair

I’m back on to researching the weird science of ovulation again.  I discovered research* showing that ovulating women prefer men with smoother, hair free skin.  Our preferences change throughout our menstrual cycle, and indeed after the menopause.

The study examined the effect of male torso hairiness on women’s attractiveness ratings by presenting pictures of men before and after the removal of body hair.  Findings showed that when the women’s fertility was at its highest, they preferred males with less body hair.  In addition the study found that post-menopausal women demonstrated stronger preferences relating to male body hair than pre-menopausal women.  This is interesting considering the belief that women are more likely seek out more ‘manly’ features in their male choice around peak fertility as hairiness can be seen as a symbol of high testosterone levels and masculinity.  Personally, I’m not fussed about bodily hair.  Well at least I’m led to believe I’m not fussed, I wonder if I could conduct my own experiment with Chris…..hmmmmm…….

Weird science of ovulation – you confuse me so!

*  Rantala, M. J., Pölkki, M., & Rantala, L. M. (2010). Preference for human male body hair changes across the menstrual cycle and menopause. Behavioral Ecology21, 419-423