The Pudding Club

What is the Pudding Club?

Being in the Pudding Club is a British old fashioned way of saying being pregnant.

The origin is not completely clear; there are potentially two descriptions of where ‘Being in the pudding club’ came from:

1.  Pudding is an ‘affectionate’ term to describe a woman who later in pregnancy has a belly that looks like a big round pudding.

2.  Pudding is a 17th Century term that was used to describe coitus (more here).

It is thought to be a slang term, possibly from London, which became ‘Up the Duff’ (Duff is a stiff flour steamed or boiled pudding).


7 thoughts on “The Pudding Club

  1. julie says:

    Hi- I just stumbled on your blog and tried to see if I could email you directly.

    bioStrategies Group is looking to hear from anyone currently undergoing IVF treatment.
    We are looking only to hear from Gonal-f® users. Anyone who is currently taking Gonal-f® will qualify for this short online, 10 minute study. All responses are confidential and no identifying information will be shared. This study will explore your current experiences with Gonal-f®.

    To take part in this survey, please use the link below to access the study. Upon successful completion, patients will receive $25.00 for their time. Checks usually arrive within 4-6 weeks

    bioStrategies Group is a consulting firm specializing in helping clients develop and commercialize innovative technologies to better serve patients, physicians and the healthcare system. Our clients include major pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotechnology companies.

    Anyone with questions can reach out directly to:

    Julie M. Benson
    Director of Recruiting
    bioStrategies Group


    • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

      Thank you Julie! I would be happy to share a copy of the info you have posted here in a full blog post – if that is suitable with your sampling methodology?! I also was not aware of the issues with counterfeit medicines and the survey highlighted that for me.


  2. RABZ says:

    I read your IVF Diary Vol lll.
    Just for my clarification .. If you were having OHSS like i had , wasnt it better to just retrieve eggs in the cycle and transfer in next when your harmones were fine. Its what my doc did. Sent me back to my country to take a break and transfer will be in next cycle.


    • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

      Ahhh Yes I was hoping that would be the case and that they would postpone my transfer. I was really feeling ill and didn’t think my body would accept an embie!!! So when I arrived on Day 5 for a transfer I thought they would postpone it. I could barely walk!!! But the problem for me was my poor quality Day 5 blasts and history of them not making it to the freezer 😔so For my third cycle on Day 5 I only had two left that were reasonable quality, so we took the chance and transferred them. Luckily one decided to stick around 😊


      • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

        I forgot to add that it is also good to take a break with OHSS because if you get pregnant whilst having OHSS it takes longer to go away….like even at my 13 week scan I still had swollen ovaries! It was only at my 20 week scan my ovaries were almost back to normal, one of them still had a few follicles that hadn’t aspirated yet!


  3. RABZ says:

    Yeah the break was much needed for me as my progesterone level was too high. And that followed a very very heavy 10 day bleeding. .. its good all that remaning follicals were expelled. So I am jusy relaxing and hoping for best. Following your blogs to keep my moral high. 🙂


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