Life lessons and bloody blood. For blood’s sake.

I stopped my birth control pills as instructed by the nurse on Monday (cycle day 13).  Today, 3 days later I get my period….now come on Aunt Flow… just stopped bleeding only 6 days ago!!! And of course the bleeding is accompanied by the usual pains 😦

Oh well, only conciliation is that tomorrow we start our first IVF cycle.  Am I nervous? Yep! Excited? A teeny bit, because we are moving forward, hopefully!

Whatever happens over the next four weeks, good or bad, we will learn something new:

  • Chris will learn how to stab me with various needles.
  • We will learn how to mix up our own drugs.
  • I will learn how good or bad my veins are for drawing blood.
  • I will learn that my vagina is no longer my own, not even during my period.  Sorry Chris.
  • We will learn about how my eggs and Chris’s sperm work, or do not work together.
  • We will learn about hope, love and strength in our marriage.
  • We will learn whether we will become parents.

Plus loads more…I like learning new things so my glass is half full right now, despite how scary that list looks 🙂