A slightly cheerier note

Some of you have already voted on Instagram….but I am intrigued what my non IG friends think!  Which is your favourite name?


Matilda means “Powerful fighter”, Aviana means “Fresh”, Evelyn means “Optimistic”

Interestingly, Matilda Lucie came out high from Instagram, but when we have verbally said the list, most people prefer Aviana Ruby.  Maybe it’s the way we say it and people pronounce it differently when they read it compared to hearing it.

Chris has a favourite out of the three names, I don’t really have a preference, I like them all.  We will decide when we see Rocky’s face!  BTW Chris….’squishy placenta face’ is not a good name, the kids at school will be mean.  Although, not sure there are any worse names they could call her than that!

It’s quite a responsibility choosing a name for your child!!!