Period after HSG and miscarriage

If you are not into reading about periods and period blood you should stop reading this now and come back tomorrow when I will be talking about less gross things in life ūüôā

This is my first period since my recent Hysterosalpingogram – HSG – test. ¬†This is also (probably) my second period since my miscarriage. ¬†And it’s a weird one!! ¬†It is on schedule¬†– for which I am truly grateful for (isn’t it funny how we celebrate the little wins on this journey!!). ¬†But this period is weird so far. ¬†The pains are different, I cannot explain what is different about them, they don’t hurt so much, but the pain ‘rumbles’ inside me rather than the typical’radiating’ and ‘sharp’ pains I get from my normal period. ¬†The blood is a heavy watery-pinky-mucusy mix. ¬†Normally¬†I get dark brown or red, thick and clotty blood.

So I got onto my friend google (like you do in a¬†situation when weird stuff happens to your body). ¬†I extensively searched for possible causes and whether this is normal or something I should call the nurse about. ¬†My biggest concern is that my uterus lining won’t be up to scratch in preparation for our next round of IVF.

The best and corroborated explanation for this unexpected weirdness is that it may be an indicator of anemia or low iron stores and/or unbalanced diet/suffer from poor digestion.  Both of these things are plausible in my case, but can be easily resolved with some supplements.

I was worried it could be associated with the HSG procedure or the miscarriage, but it seems to not be the case.  So nothing to  worry about or to call the nurse about specifically, but I will mention it when I speak to her next.

Crisis averted, thank you google! ¬†Now….pass me the liver and spinach ūüôā