The party and the door mat

The party!

My hCG levels reduced from 3200 to 2696 – that’s about a 15% decrease!!!  Time to party!! I’m heading out of the danger ectopic rupture zone!!

When I went in for my blood test, the nurse today asked me if I had taken a pregnancy test.  I said no.  She said ‘Oh’.  I said I have had about 10 blood draws in the last 2 weeks.  She said ‘Oh’.  Yeh – Oh.  Read your notes, love!

Then later this afternoon when a different nurse gave me my results and the good news, she passed me to the appointments desk to book my next beta hCG blood test.  The lady asked why they kept making me come in for betas.  I didn’t know how to answer that, and a moment passed and she said ‘Oh are they watching you levels fall? Oh I am sorry about that’.  Yeh – Oh.

But anyway, despite all that!  It is good news.  I returned to work today, it was good to be back thinking about other things in life.  I’m still hoping to be able to travel to Stockholm on Sunday!

Watch this space for a 3 month plan of attack!!!!

The door mat.

Whew!…my doormat took a bruising today from all those medical bills that miraculously landed on it!!! What timing!!!  The good thing about my clinic is that they take a few months to process all the claims, so we have a delay in paying all our bills, the bad news is that they all tend to come at once.  Ouchie.  I logged into my insurance….and I have a lot of claims to process, each ultrasound comes as one individual bill.  Each blood draw comes in two separate bills – one from the clinic, one from the lab.  Considering how many of those I have had over the last few months, let’s just say my doormat is going to get a beating from all those bills* 🙂

*OK so in the US I actually have a post box on the side of my house, they don’t post letters through doors like they do in the UK, so really I am talking more about a metaphorical door mat.