IUI beginnings & Chocolate Pudding

Last night my period started, a day earlier than expected.  I cried with Chris.  He is so good at helping me see the brighter side of life.  But this only really meant one thing for us – we are going to start IUI.  Everything I have read about is now becoming real.  I had already picked up the Letrozole last week.  It didn’t seem real then because there was still a chance I wouldn’t need to take it. Now it is real.  I start the Letrozole on Thursday for five days.  I have scheduled in my first ultrasound for Friday 13th.  Talk about an ominous date.   I guess the rest will happen as it happens…

In the mean time, I’m going to chill out here with my chocolate pudding and try to forget about all of this.  Well until Thursday at least.

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