Soooo sleepy but still managed to dodge a few balls

Today I started the letrozole. 2 teeny 2.5mg tablets a day for five days. This small prescription should result in ‘super ovulation’; hopefully this should stimulate development of multiple follicles and eggs being released, therefore increasing the chances of pregnancy. The nurse provided me with an info sheet and described some of the side effects. The only strange feeling I had today was sudden extreme tiredness, when I was driving!! That was very bizarre, so much so I almost skipped dodgeball this evening. I checked the pharmacists long list of side effects, tiredness was on there. But so was almost every other side effect known to man! Has anyone had this with letrozole too?

Although I was glad I got out the house, I wish I had skipped dodgeball. whilst playing I pulled a tendon in my thigh. It kills! Being on letrozole means that I can only really take Tylenol as a pain killer (which I have none of in the house! Doh!). So it’s going to be an uncomfortable nights sleep. Why can’t I be sleepy now???!!!

I wasn’t sure how much my prescription was going to cost, but the nurse showed me a good website that gives you coupons for prescriptions. She told me I should pay no more than $10 for the letrozole. So I printed the coupon and discovered my insurance covers it, and I payed just 0.26c for it. I’m so happy!!!

These ten pills can cost over $150 :-s but if you find a coupon they can be about $15

These ten pills can cost over $150 :-s but if you find a coupon they can be about $15

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