Freedom Fertility Pharmacy Fail

My nurse recommended freedom fertility pharmacy rather than my usual pharmacist, Walgreens, because the ovidrel trigger shots and progesterone suppositories are much cheaper if my insurance does not cover it.  Sounds great, I said, let’s do it!

So once my prescription was ready freedom fertility pharmacy dutifully called me via a robot, who then proceeded to tell me there were no free reps available at that time, please call back later.  Unfortunately, every time I tried to call them back their lines were busy and I was put on hold for aaaaaages.  Usually I don’t mind waiting if I can leave my phone on speaker and wait for a representative to pick up.  Unfortunately freedom fertility put in ads and notices over the music.  Something I don’t really want my colleagues around me listening to.  So I gave up.  Then there was the snow storm and they were closed.  Eventually when I did get through to them several days after they called me, I arranged delivery of my meds for 11th Feb (Cycle Day 9).

Later that day I had a missed call from freedom fertility.  I thought it was probably the robot that kept calling me to say I had to call them, so I ignored this.  If it wasn’t the robot I’d get another call.  And I did not get another call, so I wrongly assumed all was well.  This was until yesterday when I came home expecting my meds to have been delivered.  Nothing, nudda had been delivered.  I had no missed calls asking me where my house was (a frequent occurrence from delivery people) and no email saying delivery had failed.  So first thing this morning I called them up.

‘Oh’, the representative said, ‘your order was cancelled because your insurance card expired.’

My insurance card doesn’t expire! And no one bothered to check with me????!??!?!?!?!?! BAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

So I re-confirmed the insurance details, which went through correctly this time (why couldn’t the other lady have done that when I was on the phone last time??).  I said I needed the delivery ASAP because I will probably need to do the trigger shot this weekend.  ‘No problem’, the lady said ‘we will get it to you tomorrow, stay with your phone today in case we need anything else from you’.

As I am driving home this evening I had another missed call from freedom fertility.  So I call them back as soon as I could….

‘we are sorry, we are currently experiencing a high caller volume, please hold’ DOUBLE BAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Luckily for them someone answered within three rings.

The representative said ‘we have to have authorisation first’….Okaaaaaay….I said ‘sure you have my authorisation!’ I thought this was for payment as I had previously set a limit on my card.  Then there was this awkward silence.

‘So we can put the meds on hold then?’ the lady on the phone said.  ‘Ummmmmm, wait, what? No?  I don’t understand, we may have our wires crossed’ I asked thoroughly confused.

The lady realised she was talking to a bit of an insurance process idiot and explained that the Ovidrel shot required prior authorisation from my insurance company first.  I thought to myself, isn’t that what I checked with my insurance company the other day?  No – apparently the insurance company have to check with the doctors about something, they will do that within 24 hours. So you are telling me that even though a doctor has prescribed me some medication, they still have to check with them?  I am sooooo confused.

So let’s hope that my follicles aren’t quite big enough at tomorrow’s ultrasound and I can wait another day.  I am sure the clinic will help me figure it out tomorrow if I do need the shot sooner.

Eeeeeeeeeeek!  Why is it all so confusing???!?!

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