Is it my British accent that confuses you?

I have concluded that it must be my British accent that confuses people at the other end of a phone line, namely my insurance company, Allianz, and freedom fertility.  Or they are just morons.  I am sure these big companies wouldn’t hire morons to man their phones, so it must be the former.

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I had a mild panic about whether my insurance company needed a pre-approval before fertility treatment?  When I had called my insurance company the nice Irish lady, who held me the line whilst she thoroughly checked the answer to my simple query, concluded I did not need approval for IUI.  Turns out she was wrong.stop  The only reason I know this is because my fertility clinic requested to see proof that my insurance covers fertility treatment.  So yesterday when I asked my insurance company for an email confirming this, they replied today stating that in fact their representative was incorrect and I needed prior approval.  To get the approval I need to send to my insurance: medial records, history, diagnosis and costs of planned treatment.  I could easily have collected all this the several times I have been at my clinic in the last few weeks, had the representative supplied me with accurate information in the first place.  Is this a normal situation, for insurance companies to request all this? I had thought that insurance companies would usually liaise directly with the healthcare provider?

Who knows what the heck is going on with my insurance.  Chris has kindly volunteered to deal with it.  I don’t mind if we are not covered, but what annoys me is that this process is not exactly the smoothest of rides as it is.  I know people make mistakes, but this mistake is a pain in the backside.  At least Allianz apologised and realised their initial mistake, we had a response back from their ‘senior customer sales representative’.  So I am not mad at them, but all these coincidences of mess ups on the phone, I’ve decided the only common factor is me.  The only obvious explanation is my accent.  From now on it’s email all the way, guvn’r…

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