Show me the chocolate…seriously

I’m in a bit of a funk today. My Ovaries ache, and I’m also getting the odd sharp pain that makes me double over. I’m on Cycle Day 8 and finished the Letrozole last night, so I know I have a few more days of this sucky pain.

I think I am feeling like this because I just finished a big project at work, and finished two modules of school work, now that I’m in spring break I have nothing to mentally distract me. Well except today I went to a baby shower. Not the right kind of distraction I really needed to be honest. Plus this morning we had to get up super early to meet the water company who decided to change or meter yesterday without flushing out our pipes. This causef rubber, dirt and other crap to flow through our taps. Cheers for that.

We have funs planned tomorrow and Monday to see the Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC, plus I start my new module so I’m sure tomorrow will be a new day and the funk will go.  And another plus, tomorrow is Easter Sunday, a day of celebrations. Maybe a bit of chocolate too 🙂

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