Things I like about living in the USA

A couple of weeks ago I would have written the title of this post as “things I like about living in America”. However, I recently learned from a Canadian colleague that this is just a weird thing to say. Note, the difference…USA and America. I had no idea this was a thing. Anyway, everyday is a school day!

I’ve been thinking recently how lucky I am to be going through our infertility treatment whilst we are living in the US. Why? Well, from what I am led to believe by the UK’s National Health Services (NHS) website, we would not be going through IVF quite so soon.  Generally it takes 2 years of trying to conceive before reaching this stage of treatment (there are exceptions to this). There is also a waiting list, depending on where you live will dictate how long you may have to wait. Of course, there is always the option in the UK to go private. (££££).

But there are many other things I like…

  • The warmth here in South Virginia from April – December. I do not miss drizzly grey summer days in the UK!!
  • How grand and big everything is. Especially the National Parks. Wow. Just wow, these are so well run and looked after. The Rangers are so good.


  • County fairs. We have them in the UK too, but the ones here in the South are just something else!!! Mutton riding is all I will say!!
  • Turning right on a red light. It makes SOOOO much sense. I get a little mad at people who complain about red light cameras that catch people who don’t stop before turning on a red light. These cameras are for your safety because not every intersection (junction) is easy to navigate! Anyway…I love it, we need it in the UK.
  • Table service. Waiters and waitresses are generally excellent. I like not having to ‘get in line’ (queue) at the bar to get a drink. Sometimes service is too quick and can be annoying, eg I am just about to take my second bite of my appetizer (main course) and there is the check (bill) already on the table accompanied with a ‘no rush guys’. But in the majority, I love the service.
  • Gas (petrol) prices. It’s practically free, well in comparison to the UK.
  • Frozen yoghurt bars/shops. Yummy…I know these are getting bigger in the UK.
  • Playing sports like softball, kickball, dodgeball, volleyball, bocce ball, inner tube water polo and corn hole…








innertube water polo


bocce ball


  • Monster trucks…actually it was kind of cool once you find some earplugs.

There are many other things I like about living in the USA, but these are to name a few. We’ve been here for 2.5 years almost and we still have much to see and do, including make this baby (and if it is born here, it can have a US passport too!)!!! 


2 thoughts on “Things I like about living in the USA

  1. 30yr old nothing says:

    This is a great post. I play volleyball and kickball too! And I’m so happy to read the word petrol. hehe My husband teases me every time I say something that’s not “American”.


  2. thegreatpuddinglcubhunt says:

    That is so funny!!! I use the word petrol around here, people look at me funny. I’m getting used to that though! Kickball is one of my favorites I’ve learned here. I will admit that I am not great at digging in volleyball, but I’m learning! It’s great to watch too!


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