No returns policy

There isn’t much I have purchased in life that I have not been allowed to return, with the exception of swim wear, knickers, sale items and earrings.  But today I purchased enough medication for our first IVF cycle….and it comes with a big fat no returns policy! There is no turning back now.  The whole order cost us $770 (which is the co-pay at 10%, so complete cost of the medication is $7700!! Ouch.) and should arrive in a couple of days.  I guess we are really doing this then….

13 thoughts on “No returns policy

  1. ashleykyleanderson says:

    My first reaction to the $770 was, “Wow that is fantastic!” And then that just made me sad. It sucks that it is so expensive, but I’m so glad that you only had to pay %10. Getting the box with all the meds is overwhelming at first but it does feel nice to be moving forward. Won’t be long for you now!


    • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

      Yes I feel very very lucky my insurance is very good (once I’ve figured out what it all means!)
      I’m nervous about the receiving the meds bit especially as I will receive it when Chris is away. I fear a few tears of mixed emotions will follow! But mostly excited to get the ball rolling!

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      • ashleykyleanderson says:

        That is completely understandable. It is nice to be moving forward but it also brings new challenges and as well as the unknown. Sometimes it is easier to be in that “limbo” period where you know what your next step will be but you still have time before you take it. Just keep reminding yourself one step at a time; don’t think too far ahead and I really believe that before you know it, we will be celebrating your turn too. 🙂


  2. lovingthemarriedlife says:

    woohoo things are moving along now! I felt the same way my cost was a little more because my insurance didn’t cover any of the expensive stuff lol but getting that box felt like a huge step because like you said there is no going back no more talking about doing it… it’s all about actually doing it and that is exciting and overwhelming all at once!!!


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