We have a start date for IVF!

Today the nurse called me with our IVF schedule…wooohooo!

It looks roughly like this:

Our rough schedule

Our rough schedule

So our first day of stimulation injectibles will be Friday 24 July.  Chris and I both go in to the clinic to fill out the rest of the paper work, pay the $$$, get a lesson on how to do injectibles, receive our medication plan and I will have my first monitoring appointment with ultrasound/ blood work.

I also asked the nurse about the vivelle dot (estrogen patches) and why insurance only covers 8 patches and not the whole 24.   Apparently the use of the patches is “off label” so it is not covered under infertility coverage, therefore I would need to pay for the rest out of pocket.  BUT she did say that usually insurance will cover 8 every 30 days, so I can refill the prescription in 2.5 weeks and the insurance will cover 8 more patches, then I maybe lucky that by the time I need the last 8 it might be another 30 days.  But either way, now we know why and will expect to pay out of pocket for the patches if needs be!

So….just another 11 days of Birth Control Pills! I really hope these don’t mess my hormones up too much :-s

6 thoughts on “We have a start date for IVF!

  1. ashleykyleanderson says:

    Yay! I loved being able to put things down on the calendar. It made everything feel much more real. Is Chris going to help you with the injections or are you planning to do them? I bet you will be injecting like a pro by egg retrieval! 😉 Can’t wait to hear the news in August that you’re expecting your little Ameri-Brit… or Brit-ican? I don’t know which one sounds better. Though, if you stay in the States long-term, you must teach them the British pronunciation for everything. I think everyone agrees your accent is better than ours. It’s like an absolute truth or something.


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