IVF_Diary_Vol1fMedication(s) administered and dosage(s). 2 injections: Gonal-F 300 iu and Menopur 75 iu.

Medical procedures undertaken. Ultrasound and blood test.  Also had a quick pre-surgery health check up.

How do I feel today? I have found it really hard to concentrate at work today.  I don’t know why.  I have a really big project deadline coming up…of course it is due the week of egg retrieval and transfer.  Couldn’t have planned it any better?!?! (a bit of sarcasm there).  I have pondered about working from home, I have also pondered just calling in sick.  But I checked out our sick leave policy for the first time in my life!  If I am off work for more than two days I need a doctors note, and if I am sick for more than 6 days in a year it cuts out of my annual leave entitlement :-s  so as I will probably be taking 3-4 days of sick leave for the procedures next week, basically, I need to not call in sick! (I had one sick day earlier this year).

The doctor who did a quick pre-surgery health check up was very young.  So young that she actually said “Love it” to me when I said I had no questions.  I feel old.

What are my symptoms? Lot’s of peeing!  I’m trying to avoid headaches so I’ve been drinking more water, it has mostly helped, but I am having the odd headache here and there.

How does Chris feel today? “Feeling good because we are on track and injections are going well” (he hasn’t killed me yet basically)

Any results? My follicle count this morning is currently at 8 at various sizes from 4-8mm…apparently I am progressing how they want me to progress and were pleased with this.  Well I’m pleased if they are pleased!  I will stay on same dosage of Gonal-F (300iu) and menopur (75iu), but adding cetrotide to the list of injections.

What’s next?  Eeeek, I start the Cetrotide injections tomorrow morning, increasing total number of injections per day to 3.  Seriously going to run out of space on my tummy soon!  But I am excited because this means we are almost half way through this stage of injections.

Weight. OK so I panicked with my 1.6lb increase yesterday, but some of that had disappeared by this morning, so it must have been a combination of weekend munchies with some bloating from the stimulation.

Waist.  Still feeling bloated.

Boobs. NSTR

Hours of Sunshine 🙂 Well the sun didn’t come out in Virginia today, so there was no sun to be had 😦



*Notes.  I take First Response Reproductive Health multi vitamin gummies (pre-natal) and CoQ10 200mg gummies daily.  NSTR = Nothing Significant To Report.

6 thoughts on “IVF DIARY VOL I: 27 JULY 2015

  1. ashleykyleanderson says:

    Glad to hear that things are progressing! Hopefully adding the centrotide goes smoothly for you. I had a lot of nausea when I added the third injection but it did not last past the first day. Isn’t it exciting to see the follicle growth? I got excited to see the progression and Kyle was excited when he could finally look at the ultrasound screen and have some idea of what was going on! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

      aghh yes the Cetrotide was not fun this morning, I really hope I’m like you and tomorrow will be fine 😦
      It is quite an amazing thing how the follicles grow like they do – Chris reckoned it to be like a small bunch of grapes in each ovary. Rule number one of coping with IVF according to my nurse is to leave behind any expectations, so I’m focusing on just that. So really I am capturing the number and size as purely a matter of interest in how they grow!


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