Nurse Mummy to the Rescue

It dawned on me over a week ago that when I go for my work trip & mini day break with mum up to DC tomorrow, I will not have my handy man (AKA hubby) with me to administer the progesterone in oil injection.  Uhoh, I worried that I would not be able to do it on my own – have you seen the size of that needle?  It’s 3 times the size of the one that is injected into my abdomen!!  The first time I tried to inject myself was a complete failure, I froze to the spot.  There was little chance of me administering this 1.5″ long needle myself – in my buttocks.  I thought I was going to have to cut our trip short, until I realised that my mum could do it!!!

Now – my mum is a self admitted needle phobe.  Fortunately, she is only a needle phobe from needles being administered to herself.  She works in a school and has administered an epi-pen to a child before.  The challenge to inject me with this ginormous needle still was not insurmountable.  So we got mum into training ASAP.  Once Chris had tried administering the injection on me once, he then started training my mum.

First night of training – observation.  Mum observed Chris and he explained every step he took.  Here is a simple 10 step programme.

  • Step 1: Prepare items: 1.5″ 22G needle, progesterone in oil, gauze, x2 alcohol swabs, sharps container, ice pack for numbing, heat pad for massaging afterwards.


  • Step 2: Dani lies face down on bed and Dani ices the buttock that will be injected (change from L-R buttock every day)
  • Step 4: Prepare medication: take lid off progesterone bottle, alcohol swab top, extract 1ml of progesterone using needle, check for air bubbles.
  • Step 5: Alcohol swab injection area on buttocks, Dani looks away :-s
  • Step 6: Breathe!!!
  • Step 7: Pull skin apart at injection site and hold down.  Let Dani know you are going to stab her 3-2-1: stab!
  • Step 6: Pull back on needle slightly to check for blood, if air bubble is seen, all is good
  • Step 7: Inject progesterone
  • Step 8: Remove needle and place gauze on injection site & massage.
  • Step 9. Dani continues to massage injection site area with heat pad for about 10 minutes.
  • Step 10: Go have a cigarette to calm your nerves (mummy, not Dani!!!)

Second night of training – prepare medicine with Chris’s guidance, observe Chris injecting again.  Practice injection using lemon and vegetable oil to get feel of how hard it needs to be ‘darted’ into the skin.


By the way – when life gives you lemons…..stab em with a needle and inject vegetable oil. Waaaaay more fun than making lemonade!!!

Third night of training – prepare medicine without Chris’s guidance (Chris observes), Chris injects again while observing.  Continue practicing with lemon.

Fourth night of training – prepare medicine.  Inject with Chris’s guidance.  (Success!!! Mum has a little lie down with me afterwards, she was nervous, but I hardly felt a thing!!)

Fifth night of training – on own administer everything without Chris’s guidance, Chris observes and only interrupts once to slightly change the grip on the needle.  Mum is now fully Qualified!

D-Day: She did it!!!! Mum did this all on her own without any help from me at all.  I am so grateful and proud of you Mum!

I tried practicing with the lemon against on my bottom to see if I could do it my self just in case – and it is possible on my left side, but very difficult on the right side, so despite my needle phobia I would probably still need help to inject on my right side.

After Mum qualified and passed her 5 night training plan, she told me that throughout this she has learned that the you can overcome anything for your children. Awwww. Thanks Mum, I love you lots and can’ thank you enough for overcoming your fear to help us out.

11 thoughts on “Nurse Mummy to the Rescue

    • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

      Mum did good indeed!! Yes…the needle is evil, but I dont have to look at it so it’s not so bad for me! I was thinking about this the other day actually – for my IUIs I used the suppositories and I got sick of wearing a panty liner everyday and the feeling of gooeyness being there all the time – maybe the gel would be less so and absorbed quicker? And so I thought with the injection, it is all over and done with in 15 mins. BUT looking at my behind this morning I look like I have lots of angry ant bites all over it….sooooo….guess each method of administration sucks in its own way!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Nara says:

        Yeah, the gel is kind of gross although I didn’t notice a huge amount coming out… It was more what stayed in that bothered me! TMI alert: I ended up kind of removing some of it myself when I was in the shower and it was all grey and mushy and gross looking. Still at least it stays inside I guess! It went in white and came out all grey and dried up… Ugh. I don’t mind injections really although I didn’t have any big ones – they were all really small needles so quite easy to deal with. I’m not squeamish so quite enjoyed it! 😉


  1. bhicks321 says:

    That’s great about your mom helping! I started getting mine last week, but since I go in for weekly appointments anyway they just do it in the office. I’m really glad I didn’t look at the needle beforehand!

    Liked by 1 person

    • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

      She has been lovely about it!

      Ooooh yes that thing is evil looking, I have yet to watch the needle go in – I still have to look away, I think I would pass out if I watched it. You are lucky in that a nurse gets to do it for you (so at least you know it’s being done right for sure!!!!!), but not so lucky having to go in to the office all the time 😦


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