Who is Dib Dab?

On my last day in the office before our road trip a friend and colleague gave me a small gift and note.  The gift was a small stuffed toy cat with two different coloured eyes.  I am not an expert in kids toys and I have seen these cats around and but I still have no clue behind their story!  But anyway, this gesture was incredibly sweet and I welled up with tears at that very moment.

This isn’t the first gift we have received since receiving the sad news of our non-viable pregnancy….

One friend sent me a guardian angel – Angela, to put in my purse…she has been with me ever since and holds a special place with me.

We received an anonymous ‘donation’ of twelve big Cadbury’s chocolate bars (finally discovered it was from my parents!).  We have scoffed a total of three bars between us so far.  I have hidden all but one of them from Chris when I left for Germany to make sure there was some when I got back!

We also received a wonderful box of chocolate biscuits (cookies) from two friends shipped fresh all the way from the UK that spelled out ‘We love you’…they were incredibly crumbly and delicious, they didn’t last long!

A friend and colleague of Chris’s scoured the internet to surprise me with 6 Cadbury’s (UK) Crunchie bars after I had posted on facebook my cravings for one and my inability to find them in our local vicinity!

A lovely blogging friend sent me some haribo (my favourite sweets in the world!), digestive biscuits and a figurine of hope.  Hope is something I need reminding of a lot and was just what I needed particularly at that very moment in time.

We also received countless cards, letters, messages and hugs from friends and family across the world.

We were not alone in our sadness, friends and family went out of their way to show us they were with us.  It has been incredible.

So what has this all got to do with a stuffed toy cat?  Well I took that stuffed toy cat with us on our road trip, and we named him Dib Dab.  Dib Dab came with us everywhere we went…up a mountain, through the desert, amongst the hoo doos, in the camper van, in the museums & restaurants – everywhere.

Dib Dab was just a small representation of our friends and family at this time of healing.

Thank you for your kindness, love and thank you for just being there.

Dib Dab ended up having quite a bit of fun 🙂

...at Mesa Verde

…at Mesa Verde

...at the puebloan ruins

…at the puebloan ruins

...at antelope canyon

…at antelope canyon

...at Bryce canyon

…at Bryce canyon

...at Zion National Park

…at Zion National Park


…In Santa Fe

...at the petroglyph national park

…at the petroglyph national park

...on a petrified log

…on a petrified log

...in the Petrified Forest

…in the Petrified Forest

...in my back pack

…in my back pack

...on the Grand Canyon Train

…on the Grand Canyon Train

12 thoughts on “Who is Dib Dab?

  1. ashleykyleanderson says:

    Omg I love Dib Dab! And the photos! He is adorable.

    As far as finding UK treats in the states… Do you have a Wegman’s grocery store nearby? They are the BEST and they have an international aisle in every store I’ve been to. They sell stuff from all over Europe, but from the UK they usually have teas, jams, sauces, digestives, sometimes candy, even crumpets. It might be worth looking to see if you’ve got one nearby! Also, search for Celtic or Irish stores near where you live. By our old home we had an awesome one with all kinds of imported clothing, jewelry, and snacks! They had tons of different candy, teas, scone and Yorkshire pudding mixes etc. I miss it! My sister has had to send me supplies of my favorite welsh tea! We did find another similar store here that is more Irish than Celtic (lots of rosaries and catholic knick knacks in this particular one), but they also sell digestives, those crunchie bars, maltesers, and other treats. Sadly, I haven’t found the haribo (other than the gold bears we have everywhere) anywhere though. But still, it may be worth a Google search for something like that in your area! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

      Wegmans! That’s funny mentioned that to me the other day!! No, sadly not 😦 closest one is 3 hrs drive BUT! Now I know about it next time I drive to DC I’m going to check it out!! I’m going to investigate Irish stores though. You know I have never tried Welsh tea…I didn’t know that was a thing! Every day is a school day 😉 thank you hon!


      • ashleykyleanderson says:

        My favorite brand is called Glengettie. It’s immediately recognizable as Welsh thanks to the gorgeous shot of Snowdonia on the front, the dragon on the box and of course… one side is written completely in Welsh. It also has lots of caffeine! I hope you get to experience Wegmans soon… regular grocery stores are a serious disappointment to me now. Our old one had an awesome cheese section, including really delicious British cheddars and some amazing fresh Italian cheese! Ah, now I am super hungry for cheese.


  2. valleyally says:

    I love this! I travelled with a girl years ago who took pics of a little pink dog everywhere. She was building a photo album for her niece to inspire her to travel the world. I love that Dib Dab was your representation of the love of friends and family.


  3. Wifey says:

    Dib Dab is so cute and he’s looks like he had a great time on your travels! I’m so glad that you have a wonderful support system. It was the only thing that got me through our losses.


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