I survived!

Of course I survived…no one dies from an HSG right?!?!

As I sat on my own in the procedure room waiting for the doctor I noticed just how dated everything in this room looked.  I also noticed two capsules stuck with cellotape onto the wall behind the head of the bed and the other on the needle disposal box.  I was intrigued because they said ‘amonia’ on them.  I wondered why these capsules were stuck there.  As more time passed I finally figured out what it was for – smelling salts for passed out patients! There was a piece of paper stuck on the wall that gave steps of what to do in an emergency – the kind of emergency when  patient passes out and you have no clue what is wrong with them.  The first step said: Keep calm! I found this quite amusing that a doctor/nurse needed to be reminded to keep calm first of all.  One of the other steps described how to use the ammonia capsule to see if the patient ids responsive. There was another sheet of paper stuck on the wall next to these emergency instructions, giving instructions for what to do if a patient was having an allergic reaction.  I suppose some poor people in the past have found out that they truly are allergic to shell fish or iodine as a result of this HSG procedure! So I guess you can die from an HSG afterall.

After waiting for 20 minutes ready to go, the doctor came in and introduced herself – as if I had never met her before.  She didn’t recognise me at all.  Even with my British accent she didn’t recognise me and proceeded to ask me questions as if I was a new patient.  Considering the number of times she has seen my vagina and cervix (I can count 8 monitoring appointments and 2 inseminations) I was a bit upset by this fact.

So we got down to the business….and the procedure hurt so much that I had tears in my eyes.  It was all over after only 5 minutes, but they were a painful 5 minutes.  I peeked at the video of the x-ray as she was cleaning me up.  I could see my upside down uterus and the dye free flowing through my tubes.  And then something weird happened – my uterus flipped upright at the end of the procedure!  I felt her do something weird, did she manipulate my uterus? Or was it just the xray moving to a different position?  Logically the latter doesn’t make much sense…but then again neither does the manipulation! I’ll know exactly what happened when I go for my baseline ultrasound in the new year.

Good news is that I passed the test!! IVF round 2 is on in the new year!!

After the procedure I went back to the waiting room to pick up Chris because he wasn’t allowed in with me.  And there sitting in the waiting room was someone I knew.  It was funny because Chris was sat with his back to them and he didn’t realise he knew them.  It was a bit of a bizarre moment because I guess we didn’t really know what to say to each other.  I don’t know why they were there specifically, but I feel a little sad that infertility affects so many of us around us we just don’t know about. Today was just another reminder of that fact.  Infertility – you truly are a sneaky bag of crap.

19 thoughts on “I survived!

  1. Nara says:

    Ah – that was my number one fear, that we would see someone we knew! Eek. Not that I’m ashamed of it but British awkwardness I think! I’m glad you survived and are on for round 2!

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    • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

      I knew I would probably bump into someone I know at some point because my doc said that she had other people from my work there at their clinic. It’s kind of sad isn’t it? this secret club. I feel like I’m an experienced expert on the subject now that I just want to offer my hand, but I decided to not talk about it unless they want to talk about it because that person knows I’ve been through IVF and going again in Jan. So I hope it won’t be too awkward :-s

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    • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

      Oh noooo, I’m sorry. I definitely didn’t want to remind you of the bad! But I can say that this time around, although the procedure hurt more than the first time, the recovery was amazing. Last time I was in pain for a good 24 hrs afterwards, curled up on the sofa with a hot water bottle. This time, I didn’t even need to sit down and had no pain. I had a couple of twinges today, but no way near as bad. So I really do hope it is easier for you this time around!!!! It just sucks 😐 x

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  2. 30yr old nothing says:

    Sorry it was painful. But its behind you now yay!! Yay for progress! I guess I should be happy my clinic is a million miles away from anyone I know, I wouldn’t know how to react. But maybe you just made a new best friend?


    • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

      It was really weird, it looked like it was pushed up quickly. The doc was really not talkative, I had to ask her if everything looked OK (although I could clearly see the free flow through my tubes) she said yes all OK and just walked out quickly with her student!! I’ll ask my doc about it when I see her again.


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