IVF Diary Vol II: 25 Jan 16

Medication(s) administered and dosage(s). Some cocktail of anesthesia drugs, x2 tylenol the nurse gave me before the Egg Retrieval procedure.  I have avoided the pain killers so far.

Medical procedures undertaken. The Egg Retrieval!!! My appointment was at 0630 AM, so we got up nice and early at 0500, I actually slept quite well, I thought it might be a bad nights sleep with nerves, but it wasn’t.  The nurse picked us up from the waiting room, she exclaimed “Oh I know you guys!!!! You are French!!!” (We thought she was teasing, but I found out later she wasn’t and she actually thought we were french).  She said “Oh I am supposed to be just bringing the patients up today….but….I’ll sort you guys out!!”  She took over from the other nurse so she could be with us.  Haha, I think she actually just loves Chris 🙂  She was very sweet.  Anyway, we were number 2 into the surgery room this time (out of 5).  I was feeling pretty relaxed about it all, knowing vaguely what was about to happen.

The nurse got the Intra-Veinous drip into the back of my hand with no problems (because my hand has nice straight veins!!), it didn’t hurt at all.  It was cold in the ward, I was wrapped up in lots of blankets but my right hand just wouldn’t get warm because of the drip running through it.  We waited about 40 minutes or so, and even got a game of cribbage in.  I was made to go pee.  Chris was called to do his part for the day, and then it was my turn – the anesthetist gave me something that started to make me feel woozy, I was a lot more aware than last time around, so I tried to take a good look around.  I was shuffled over to the operating table and was given something else, then zzzzzzzzzzzzz I was asleep.  I don’t think I was awake for getting my legs into the stirrups this time!!!  30 minutes later I was waking up with the nurse asking me lots of questions.  I was talking random crap about how nice they were.  The nurse continued to monitor my vitals (blood pressure and heart rate), I was made to sit up, then finally I was made to go to the toilet to pee for her to check it.  There was a teeny bit of bright pink blood, but not much.

Chris helped me get dressed and I was taken to my car in a wheel chair.  I was feeling woozy, but no where near as much pain as I experienced last time around.  In fact I was wondering if the local anesthetic was taking longer to wear off.  I am sat here now 6 hours later, and I have some pain, but not half of what I felt last time.  However, I do have a very very drippy sore nose.  I think the oxygen tube must have damaged my nose somehow, or the anesthesia drugs have caused this.

What are my symptoms?  Really not too bad apart from the runny, dripping nose.  I am taking it easy on the sofa, but I haven’t needed to snooze yet and my tummy is tender, but not extremely painful.  So overall I’m grateful!

How do I feel today? Super relieved to get today over with, I’m feeling very positive!!!

Any results?  14 Eggs retrieved!!! That is really much better than I expected.  Last time we got 9 of which, only 6 were mature.  So I am hopful for 9 mature eggs this time 🙂

What’s next? We will receive our fertilisation report tomorrow morning.  Then hope for a 5 Day Transfer – this is our goal.  But of course we will do a 3 Day Transfer if things aren’t looking promising.

Weight. Not even looked at it.

Waist. Continually growing.

Boobs. NSTR.

Hours of Sunshine 🙂 None.  I’m tucked up on the sofa, hopefully tomorrow I will get out for a short walk.

*Notes.  I take First Response Reproductive Health multi vitamin gummies (pre-natal) and CoQ10 200mg gummies daily.  NSTR = Nothing Significant To Report.

19 thoughts on “IVF Diary Vol II: 25 Jan 16

  1. valleyally says:

    Good luck with the report tomorrow. I think the second time around is just plain easier because you know exactly what to expect; I know my second time through was much easier and less pain/bloating. I do recommend you drink Gatorade like it is going out of style. All the best!!


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