IVF Diary Vol III 21-30 Mar 16

Medication(s) administered and dosage(s). Lupron 0.5mg (10 units) injection AM.

Somehow I have managed to take all my medications at the correct time despite all the time zone changes (Belgium was 5 hours ahead and the UK was four hours ahead at the time). I have taken the Lupron injections in  some strange places, including in the airplane toilet.  I had alarms set on my phone so I could remember to do it because taking the pill and doing the injection were both at random times of the day!  Quite frankly amongst everything that has been going on I am impressed with myself for managing to figure it all out!

Medical procedures undertaken. Nil.

What are my symptoms?  Actually, I haven’t really experienced any symptoms in particular.  I still have a mild upset tummy, it was doing much better before I left for Europe, but I think everything got screwed up after everything with the attack.  I’ve had a few random bouts of tears, but I can’t tell whether they are a result of the hormones or not.  Who knows! I’m kind of getting used to this happening now.

How do I feel today? I went back to work on Tuesday and it wasn’t too bad.  I did have a little bit of a shaking episode after I had recanted to my Brussels story the nth time.  I was just overwhelmed (in a positive way) with how many people told me they are pleased to see me in one piece!!!  I was also overwhelmed with the sheer number of people who actually read my blog post.  People who I have never spoken to at work before had read it and came up to me to tell me how amazing it was…even all the senior bosses had read it.  Basically pretty much everyone I work with now knows about my blog.  I’m pretty sure most people didn’t take much notice of the infertility part of my blog, rather were just interested in the Brussels story, but when my friends and family asked if it was OK to share it, I really had no idea how far it would be shared.

I’m not doing well at sleeping, but I guess that is to be expected…and with the hormones I am not sure how much is contributed by events vs the medications.  So I am a little tired.  But the good news is that I have taken some time off work!  Woohoo!!! Relaxation…chilling…are all that is scheduled for me during the stimulation phase of this cycle! A complete contrast to last time.  I have even discovered a new yoga place that has opened up near my house.  Overall, I am excited that we have another chance at IVF, but a little niggly part of me thinks I shouldn’t get my hopes up because it will be a long way to fall down from this time around.

Any results?  Nil

What’s next? I have my first baseline monitoring appointment tomorrow morning.  Hopefully it will all be go go go for cycle 3! Fingers crossed this Lupron has done its job nicely.

Weight. I still haven’t got on the scales yet!

Waist. NSTR.

Boobs. NSTR.

The Final Countdown!!!


*Notes.  I take First Response Reproductive Health multi vitamin gummies (pre-natal), 5mg Melatonin at bed time and CoQ10 200mg gummies daily.  NSTR = Nothing Significant To Report.

6 thoughts on “IVF Diary Vol III 21-30 Mar 16

  1. EmilyMaine says:

    So close to the stim phase now! I suspect the tears are a combo of he hormones and the Brussels experience. As in the hormones are bringing your sensitivities to the surface. It is probably a good thing. A good cry a few times about the intense experience you had will probably do you the world of good. Good luck for the baseline scan x


  2. Nara says:

    I’m following not far behind! I’m due to start stims 12 April by my calculations (depends on baseline scan) so hopefully we will be almost-twins! I have been thinking about you a lot re Brussels… It must be so much to deal with and try and process and I hope you are okay. X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. notpregnantinrezza says:

    It would be really difficult to tell what is your recent experience and what is the Ivf drugs. It’s hard to believe you went through what you did and still contained an IVF cycle all the while. Fingers crossed for you that you get great results x


  4. girlcalledbec says:

    Wow…I’ve just discovered your blog. What a crazy few weeks. I thought mine was bad as I was fired by my nasty boss two days after my frozen embryo transfer of a genetically normal embryo and then had a chemical pregnancy but your story is on another level. I’m researching counsellors to see for the first time in this 2.5 year infertility journey as I recently realised that it’s taken so much of a toll on my life. Wishing you all the luck in the world with this cycle and will be watching for updates.


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