Break break break!!

I’ve been feeling too sorry for myself today to get up and get my laptop out to write a proper blog post…so a brief update from my phone will have to do instead!!!

This morning bright and early we had our egg retrieval procedure. I was the only one in for surgery today so we were lavished with attention from the lovely nurses! My IV went in to my forearm first attempt, I much preferred it there than the back of my hand because my hand didn’t get cold from the drip and so was more comfortable overall, and I was able to keep on knitting whilst I waited.

Chris was taken away to provide his half of the job. He popped back because he had forgotten his ID and looked slightly peeved and said the andrologist who picked him up from the OR prep area was insensitive. He had made jokes out of Chris doing the easy part of ‘the process’ and how easy Chris had it. Poor Chris. We were just about to go through our final round of IVF and this guy was belittleing Chris’s role in what we were going through, with no regard for Chris’s feelings at all.  Sure, Chris didn’t have to go through surgery to provide his sperm (and some guys may have to go through that) but he has an equal stake in all of this so he really doesn’t have it easy mr Andrologist!

 I was in the Operating Room dead on 0730 as scheduled….I looked around the room and there were many faces looking at me, it felt like more than usual! I hadn’t even got my legs into the stirrups before I was out like a light! I woke up in quite some pain. The nurses had put two heating pads under the covers for me and layered me up nice and cosy…but it wasn’t quite enough to make feel right. I was given a painkiller through my IV – I don’t remember what was offered I just said YES PLEASE!!! I lay on my side clutching my tummy with the heating just wasn’t hitting the spot. The pain was definitely a whole lot worse than my first egg retrieval. Then the doctor came and told me we needed to watch out for Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS) symptoms like vommiting and difficulty breathing. My Estradiol levels were sky high on Saturday when I triggered so the doctor wasn’t surprised I was in a bit of pain!! They retrieved a whopping 17 eggs!! 

Woah. I was in shock and awe. We find out tomorrow how many of them were mature and how many of them Fertilised!! I am super excited!!! I really hope they are mature! Finally after the pain meds started to kick in I got dressed, shakily, a little dizzy, and the nurse wheeled me out in a wheelchair right to our car.

We didn’t even stop off for my usual treat after surgery for Dunkin Donuts on the way home, I was feeling that rough I just wanted to get home and get into bed. So I did, and slept for an hour or so. I hadn’t really eaten anything so I wasn’t quite sure when I woke up from my PK (power kip) if my tummy hurt because I was hungry! Alas, no, the pain did not go away after I had some soup. I planted myself on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon and tried to watch a few episodes of Scandal (don’t ask me what happened, it was all a bit of blur). Not only was my tummy hurting, I had the whole post surgery nasal drip thing going on. My left nostril was irritated from the oxygen tube, like the last time around. Only last time my ovaries didn’t hurt!! This time it hurts every time I sneeze!!!  I couldn’t even face knitting I felt so awful. 

So to manage the pain I’ve been taking my prescribed narcotic painkillers along with a good dosage of prune juice. I am pleased to say I have avoided constipation this time around!! Rather, I have the opposite problem. Typical!!! I’d always rather have diarrhea than constipation anyday!

Here’s hoping OHSS stays away so we can do a fresh transfer this week!!! 

(Ps. Guess this was actually quite a long update after all!! )

28 thoughts on “Break break break!!

  1. Amy M. says:

    Great numbers! Make sure you drink lots of water, that’s what they told me to help fend off OHSS. I hope you’re feeling a lot better by tomorrow, and that you get some great news!

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  2. Wifey says:

    That’s fantastic!! That’s how many eggs we got from our retrieval way back in 2013, 2 of which are now practicing synchronized screaming! πŸ™‚ So, I think 17 is a good number. Rest and feel better soon! Stay away OHSS!

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  3. valleyally says:

    Gatorade Gatorade Gatorade. I drank litres of it after my 2nd IVF the first few days vs the 1st. I noticed a big difference…maybe it could help you too.

    Congrats on the egg count! That is amazing. My prayers will be that most are mature. Good luck!!

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  4. lovingthemarriedlife says:

    17 eggs is incredible! I was at risk for OHSS too and I only had 13 my estrogen level was ridiculous high it was over 4200 no fun at all! My dr. told me to drink V8 juice like 16 oz or more a day and it helped big time the sodium level is higher the gatorade so you don’t have to drink as much to get the same benefits! Hope the pain goes away soon!

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  5. aliased says:

    Yay!!! 17 eggs is AWESOME!!
    I was at risk for OHSS as well so my doc decided that I should do the long protocol FET so that I would be well rested and ready for the next process! The waiting can be forever for the Long protocol though. It took me about 2 months I think..

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