IVF Diary Vol III: 20-24 Apr 16

Medication(s) administered and dosage(s). 8DP5DT (8 days past 5 Day Transfer)  PM Progesterone in Oil 1ml Intra-muscular injection, vivelle dot estrogen patches 0.1mg x2.

These injections do not get any easier!! Fortunately (for me) the past two evenings Chris has been doing the injecting part.  Kudos to him.  It doesn’t get any easier for him.  He had a nervous laughing fit the other night after he pierced my skin and was starting to inject, and I was trying hard not to laugh at him (I didn’t want my muscles to tense up or to shake the needle around as it was inside me!!!). Nope, it doesn’t get easier.

Medical procedures undertaken. Nil!

Any results?  Apart from finding out I needed to be taking iron supplements, I wrote a post about that and had a brief ‘freak out’ moment of feeling like maybe I had a chance to improve my egg quality.  But that was silly, and I realise that now.  I did go out and buy some iron supplements.  I bought it in liquid form because I find the majority of pills hard to stomach (there is something about the pill lining they use that makes me puke them back up).  Basically the supplement tastes like I am swallowing a tablespoon of blood. BLEUGHHHHHHH.

What are my symptoms?  Yesterday I struggled with my OHSS symptoms.  We had a nice day out watching a parade and going to a festival that celebrates NATO.  But it’s really the first time I have been out and about for a significant amount of time not sitting down.  We then went to the shops and after about an hour my stomach was in pain.  I just needed to sit!  I was also incredibly thirsty all day, nothing could quench my thirst!!!  Last night I got up to pee FIVE times!!!! I also found it hard to get in and out of bed each time because of my hugely bloated painful tummy.  I am a little worried that my OHSS has done a U turn and rather than getting better is now getting worse.  This could mean I am pregnant though because OHSS can get worse as my body starts to produce hCG after the embryo implants.  It’s something I’ve been told to watch out for….If things don’t subside today then tomorrow is my last chance to go in for an ultrasound before I am supposed to be back in DC – I don’t want to be getting worse whilst I am away from home!  I am going to take it easy today though, maybe I just over did it yesterday.

How do I feel today? It has been really hard not to pee on a stick the past few days.  Especially yesterday with my symptoms developing as they were I just felt like I might see a positive!  And so now I have my expectations set high, I’m terrified to be wrong and see a blank white space on that pregnancy test.  So I haven’t done it.  I looked back and compared my symptoms from cycle 1 (BFP – positive) to cycle 2 (BFN – negative) and actually I seemed to have experienced similar symptoms in both cycles.  I guess it is that damn progesterone and estrogen making me feel like this!

Chris told me that if this cycle fails he wants to wait several months before transferring our final frozen embryo.  Which I understand why he feels like that.  But I feel differently about it.  I said we should have this conversation later and not now.  I need to be positive, I need to be hopeful right now, I want this to work so so much I can’t even think beyond this.  Last cycle I was OK with thinking about the future and what’s next because I knew we could always give IVF another try.  This time for me is different.  I know there isn’t a next IVF.  I know this to me is all or nothing.

 What’s next? Friday is test time – in between all that I have a work trip to DC to occupy me and keep me busy!  This does mean I will be doing more injections on my own 😦 and Chris will be on his own in the house alone this week when perhaps we really need each other right now.

The Final Countdown!!! 


*Notes.  I take First Response Reproductive Health multi vitamin gummies (pre-natal), 5mg Melatonin at bed time and CoQ10 200mg gummies, and  Pur-absorb iron supplements daily.  NSTR = Nothing Significant To Report.

10 thoughts on “IVF Diary Vol III: 20-24 Apr 16

  1. lovingthemarriedlife says:

    are you going to POAS at all this cycle? Just curious! I know how hard it is to both POAS and not too and can’t say either is better but for me I wanted to be prepared for a negative when I went into beta because I my expectations were so high the round I didn’t test and then we got that negative and I was completely taken by surprise! BEST of luck and the shots do get easier you’ll start to feel like a pro eventually! good luck!


  2. easyfoodhacks says:

    I just wanted to say that I love your blog, which I came across yesterday and have read all your IVF diaries. I’m 5DP3DT in my 2nd IVF cycle (first was cancelled due to low response, – 2 follicles!). I am a researcher by training, and obsessively googling every inch of technical explanation on my IVF cycle. Love your level of detail, and wanted to wish you all the very best on your cycle.


  3. Nara says:

    I’m totally with you on needing a plan if this doesn’t work out – I think it’s natural to want some sort of backup. I hope that this is the successful cycle for you!


  4. EmilyMaine says:

    Ouch, I hope those OHSS symptoms ease a bit for you, especially with needing to go away for work. I don’t know which liquid iron you are on but I use spatone. I put the sachets in OJ every morning as iron is easier to absorb with vitamin C and then you can barely taste that awful metallic taste at all. It must be so hard not to test. I am hoping so much for you that this is your time.


  5. Amy M. says:

    I would definitely get in to the Dr tomorrow if you aren’t feeling a LOT better!! Don’t let it get out of hand when you’re away from your Drs!! I was the same way about needing to not think too far ahead and staying positive about things. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself!! Oh and sorry about that Iron supplement…I don’t think I could stomach that!


  6. Babyscienceproject says:

    Almost test time! I’m excited for you. Hopefully the OHSS symptoms will calm down soon, sounds really uncomfortable. I’m sure you’d rather be having some sofa time in your PJs than going to work. IVF is tough.


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