Reblog: Bloggers Unite Conference, Day 2 – Lawmakers and Legislators

Day 2 of the Bloggers Unite conference! Whoop Whoop!! Here are my thoughts on today’s blog!

Denise blogs for National Infertility Awareness Week about how we should #StartAsking our lawmakers, legislators and researchers to spend more time, money and effort to find ways to improve infertility care.   She makes some really interesting points in her blog post – currently only 10 clinical trials related to infertility are listed on in comparison to 4126  trials related to breast cancer (BTW – the statistics for breast cancer is 1 in 8 women will develop it at some point in their life time. Yes – I know infertility doesn’t kill! But in terms of trying to understand a disease it is an interesting comparison of levels of research). Denise also struggles with unexplained infertility – great minds think alike! (See my post from yesterday) Take a look at her post below….

Three years, three surgeries, two doctors, four donors, one biospy, eight IUIs, one fresh IVF cycle and one frozen embryo transfer later and we are still on the road to parenthood. We knew this was not going to be easy but never in my life did I believe it would be this difficult. As we […]

…continue reading…. #niaw Bloggers Unite Conference, Day 2 – Lawmakers and Legislators —

Thank you to Chiemi at for organising the conference! It’s been great to meet other like minded bloggers 🙂

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