Food, glorious food!

Let’s talk about something that I enjoy very much in life – food!! My relationship with food has changed so far in this pregnancy.

Morning Sickness. You may recall in the past I wrote about my worries of suffering from severe morning sickness, also known as hyperemesis gravidarum. I have suffered from this before, but this time….it’s barely been a problem!!! So far, I have only suffered from nausea, but if I keep eating little things throughout the day, it isn’t that bad at all. I’ve tried all the gingery things out there and honestly, they don’t really work, ginger ale is the best, but if I have an empty tummy then I still feel sick. Chris even bought several different types of ginger snaps/biscuits for me to try!!!

Aversions. I do have some extreme aversions though…

  • anything really herby, particularly herby tomato sauces
  • Lettuce (although I try to eat it, but often end up gagging!
  • Soft tomatoes
  • Strong smelling meat and fish
  • Anything garlicky or oniony

There is currently something in our fridge at the moment that makes me feel like puking, but I can’t figure it out, so I hold my breathe when I open the door!!!

Cravings. The past couple of weeks I have been having a bowl of cereal as soon as I get home from work because I am usually starving by that point! But I think that mostly it’s the milk in the cereal I crave. Yesterday I needed chicken wings!!! There was an hour wait for a table or 15-20 min wait for take out at our local restaurant. I was so hungry I said we had to go to the next restaurant along even though their wings isn’t as good!! I have also eaten a lot of Cheetos recently…(for my UK readers, these are kind of like giant wotsits!), this is not my healthiest habit! So far that is it for the cravings. Nothing obscure and nothing I’ve desperately wanted.

Fluids. I’m still drinking my usual cuppa tea in the morning- I’ve yet to be put off a cup of England’s finest brew! In addition to tea at breakfast I’ve added as part of my extra 300 calories a day a glass of calcium and Vit D fortified Orange Juice. On my way to work and throughout the morning I’ve been drinking one bottle of Vitamin Water zero – that’s a bit of a treat really because they aren’t cheap!! But they contain electrolytes and extra vitamins depending on which flavour I drink. I take a can of ginger ale to work and slowly sip on in the afternoon to help reduce the queasiness. I also add a few drops of Mio fit to my water to make that go down easier!!

My Bowels. I can’t talk about all this food without mentioning my poor bowels. My diet hasn’t changed that much, but My 3-5 poos a day has reduced to 1-2, and on the odd occasion none! This is apparently as a result of the pregnancy hormone slowing this down in the body. I can also feel pretty much all my bowel movements- and they are very painful on occasion. They have even woken me up at night. The doctor said that with my IBS there was no knowing what would happen to my symptoms. I’ve also had some very weird colored poos (thank you google for alleviating any of my fears!!!) But overall I am just very grateful not to have constipation!

14 thoughts on “Food, glorious food!

  1. lovingthemarriedlife says:

    Glad all is going well Coconut water helped me a bunch the potassium helps with morning sickness as well and it contains a ton of good things to help keep you hydrated (plus the oils in coconut water help constipation) I get the ones that have no added sugar and pineapple pulp added (makes it taste better)

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    • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

      Thank you – I might just try that. I have a big bottle of coconut water my hubby bought me sat in the fridge, but I am not keen on the taste, so it has stayed there for a month! Perhaps pineapple might make it taste better! It might even help keep me pooing because pineapple is one of my IBS trigger foods! Haha…. :-p

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