Entering the third trimester

PC Diary @27w2d

I am not quite there yet, but almost!  The third timester is just down the road.  How do I feel about this?  Is there a word such as excitified?  (excited-terrified)

Life is good.  Pregnancy is obviously not a picnic, but I knew that would be the case!  The second trimester has been good to me.  I have had energy despite rarely being able to sleep longer than 3 hours at a time (somewhere between 2-5 times a night I get up to pee).  Rocky moves around a lot, she is a big kicker and I love every single one she makes.

My weight hasn’t sky rocketed and so far I have gained a total of about 7.5lbs.  Which is kind of strange looking at me and my growing bump I can’t understand why I am not much heavier.  I am falling behind on the ‘ideal’ weight gain.  At my last scan at 24 weeks Rocky was measuring in the 50 something percentile, so it wasn’t a concern then.  Now I am hoping she hasn’t fallen behind. I am being very conscious over ensuring I am eating enough! that is what the doctor said is the most important thing.  Below is my weight tracker.  My weight gain (in blue) isn’t falling into the cone of ‘expected weight gain’ (the grey area) and hasn’t for a while.  The good news is that I am steadily and slowly gaining weight.

dani weight pregnancy.jpg

At my last 24 week appointment my iron levels were too low (well this was expected because I told them already I was slightly anemic before getting pregnant!); so I am taking more iron, hopefully that will work because at my 28 week appointment next week I will be doing a complete anemia panel which will hopefully pinpoint more about the anemia. Yey please take some more of my blood!

Braxton hicks contractions have been plaguing me since about 16 weeks.  I get a few every hour, but I am used to them now.  Sometimes at work it can get a bit awkward if I am in the middle of a meeting and I am sitting down, I have to get up and move around to release the contraction otherwise it will hurt.  It’s kind of funny sometimes watching and feeling my uterus go hard into  weird position, sometimes off to one side…and then my belly softens after it the contraction released.

My only real ailment to have a little complaint about right now is that my lower back has been very sore (thankfully I have an amazing husband to massage it – we even looked at videos to make sure we were massaging it right!) and when I walk for more than 5 minutes something is clicking in my lower back/hips which causes a little bit of pain :-s But really, these are all liveable things at the moment.

In general I have no complaints, just happy to be making it into the third trimester with little issues so far. Whoop whoop!!! After next week, my OB appointments become more frequent – every 2 weeks :-s yikes, this pregnancy is getting real!

6 thoughts on “Entering the third trimester

  1. Erin says:

    Yay for third trimester!! I think the middle of the night peeing is training for general lack of sleep for the next year 😑
    So glad that you’re doing well and you’re in the home stretch!


  2. Amy M. says:

    Hooray for hitting the 3rd!! As for your weight…I’m overweight so it’s different for me, but at my highest weight gain for this pregnancy I was only up 7lbs. Right now I’ve dropped weight (which I’ve read is normal in the final weeks) and I’m only up 3lbs total right now. Don’t try to compare yourself to norms and everyone else. If your Dr is happy with where you are, and the baby is growing the way she should be, you are fine!!


  3. silentmiscarriageloudthoughts says:

    Welcome to the third trimester! I wouldn’t worry too much about weight. I’m 32 weeks and haven’t weighed myself since I was 12 weeks! I’m kinda curious, but don’t want to get hung up on a number anyway- I’m sure I’d either worry I was gaining too much or too little if I knew. I figure if my maternity carer thinks I’m not looking quite right she’ll weigh me, but if she’s not worried I’m just happy not knowing. We don’t tend to get weighed here in New Zealand.


  4. lovingthemarriedlife says:

    I’m so excited for you!!! sitting on a yoga ball helps my hips maybe try that 🙂 I’ve done the opposite of you and have gained a ton of weight in this pregnancy lol when I get some crazy braxton hicks just putting my feet up and drinking a lot of water helps 🙂


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