What is a mucus plug?

PC Diary @ 31W2D

What exactly is a mucus plug and who needs one anyway? This was the question I asked myself about 8 hours into flight on my way home to the US.  With 40 minutes left until landing I made a final dash to the toilet.  When I wiped, I paused because I felt something warm and smooth stuck to my inner thigh – not like pee or liquid – rather it felt like one of those big blood clots I had experienced when I lost Huckleberry.  I took a deep breathe then looked at the tissue. I breathed a sigh of relief…thank goodness it wasn’t blood, instead it was a globby palm sized cloudy mucusy blob.

What the hell??!

That looks like my mucus plug that I had read about in my pregnancy book.  From what I could recall it was a potential indicator that labour may come any time within the next two weeks.  The other thing I had remembered is that this mucus plug is the thing that protects the cervix from infection. But I had just turned 31 weeks, it is way too early for Rocky to make an appearance!…As I returned to my seat and waited to land, I convinced myself that this was not a good thing!  With no communication to the outside world, it was a long 40 minutes to worry myself up into a head storm.

As soon as we landed I switched my phone on and googled ‘mucus plug 31 weeks pregnant’.  After a few minutes of searching I discovered that it probably was my mucus plug, and that there were many women out there who had lost it, worried, but never gave birth until much later into their pregnancy.  I figured that if I felt any other signs then I would call the doctor, but as I had an appointment scheduled for Monday, I wouldn’t worry.  So I didn’t worry. Much.

I told Chris about what had happened.  He worried even more, and I still had one more flight to catch before making it home!  But the rest of my journey was uneventful.

Monday we went to the OB for my (slightly late) 30 week check up.  I mentioned that I thought I may have lost my mucus plug.  But without any other signs of preterm labour – bleeding, contractions, pain or signs of infection – smelly discharge, then she wasn’t too concerned.  But to be on the safe side as I was flying again next week back to Europe she checked my cervix.  It was completely closed!  Great news!  She could also feel Rocky’s head very low.  Yup…that is what I had thought too!!(Although I’ve been trying to figure out her orientation because I get kicks over the the very far right and kicks to the top left under my ribs.  I think they are feet anyway.  So maybe we have a little yoga baby.  Or maybe she can do super one inch punches and will be a little ninja.

I digress….So what is a mucus plug?  There is a whole website dedicated to it here where you can find out more! http://www.mucusplug.net/



12 thoughts on “What is a mucus plug?

  1. Amy M. says:

    How stressful. I never noticed losing my mucous plug. I kept searching for it whenever I went to the bathroom, but never saw it lol. I did have a lot of mucousy discharge once I hit just past 30 weeks, so I was sure it was coming, but nope. I’ve also read/heard that you can lose it weeks in advance with no issues. As long as your Dr is happy with how things are, you should try not to stress too much! (Notice I didn’t simply say “Don’t stress”, because we all know that’s not possible lol!)

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  2. Nara says:

    Eek! I think I’d have totally stressed on a flight. Glad you were able to keep a clear head and were not too worried about it. I would probably have been hyperventilating but I haven’t read anything about the plug!! The checkup from your doc sounds good! Phew!

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  3. heatherhopeful says:

    Dani, so happy you’re 31 weeks now! I lost my mucus plug right around that same time and also freaked out. I didn’t go into labor until my actual due date, so all was well. My OB told me they regenerate, which helped put my fears at ease a little. 🙂


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