Maternity Photo Shoot Session

I ummed about doing a maternity photo shoot, especially as Chris has done some maternity photo shoots before, I wasn’t sure if he would be offended that I didn’t want him to take the photos.  But actually it made a whole lot of sense to hire a photographer because it would have been challenging and time consuming for Chris to run a shoot with both of us being in the photos!  So I selected five photographers in the local area that I liked their style, then let Chris choose the one…after all they would have high standards to live up to, and for me personally, I just like the pictures and have no clue what is actually good quality or not!  I didn’t tell Chris how much each one cost, but let’s just say, he did pick the most expensive.  Of course her photos were pretty amazing, so they demand a higher price naturally!  Each photographer offers various options and so it is difficult sometimes to compare prices, but the one Chris chose was definitely going to cost us a bit more.  But I am very glad we went with her because she made it so easy…if you are in the hampton roads area, I highly recommend her…

We chose our shoot location as First Landing State Park (it got it’s name from where the settlers first landed in the US, then moved up the bay to Jamestowne).  We love this park a lot and discovered this particular location when our family came to visit earlier this year.  It has a small beach, a swamp and some of the most incredible spanish moss you have ever seen.  With it being fall, the colours were spectacular, and luckily for us, the weather was perfect…the sun was out without a cloud in the sky – the lighting is quite a challenge for a photographer so I have been told, but our photographer had no problems creating some beautiful memories for us.  Chris went at around the same time the week before to scout out some spots he thought would work at that time of day, it was such a good idea because he really found some unique spots!

Deciding what to wear was a bit of a challenge because of the Virginia weather you never really know you are going to get!  Fortunately, it was warm enough to wear just a shirt and jeans.  By the way, my bump was still not really prevalent even though I was 32 weeks, so it was just as well I was wearing something light and tight for the silhouette and laying down shots!  I was considering wearing a dark purple top, and I am so glad I didn’t in the end!

So here are some of my favourites…all photos by Melissa Bliss Photography!!

Fenning Print-10-ZF-3904-24086-1-001-031.jpg

Fenning Print-4-ZF-3904-24086-1-001-005.jpg

Fenning Print-12-ZF-3904-24086-1-001-032.jpg

Fenning Print-14-ZF-3904-24086-1-001-022.jpg

Fenning Print-16-ZF-3904-24086-1-001-024.jpg

Fenning Print-21-ZF-3904-24086-1-001-030.jpg


Fenning Print-35-2-ZF-6874-48011-1-001-002.jpg

Fenning Print-18-ZF-3904-24086-1-001-026.jpg

Fenning Print-1-ZF-3904-24086-1-001-002.jpg


21 thoughts on “Maternity Photo Shoot Session

  1. lovingthemarriedlife says:

    Amazing photos! I wish I would have chosen a different photographer my cousin is one so I went with her but I only got like 7 photos back and that was so long ago!!! I’m agitated about it especially since she was supposed to do a newborn shoot and I haven’t been able to get a hold of her and baby is almost 7 weeks now!


  2. Nara says:

    I love this shoot! I was completely put off maternity shoots because my belly doesn’t look nice unclothed (lots of stretchies) and that’s the style they seem to do here. All those pictures are lovely!


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