Champagne for Breakfast?

People ask me all the time – What have you craved this pregnancy?  And I can’t answer them, except with what food do I have aversions to….

….Roast chicken, BBQ pizza, lettuce leaves (especially Arugula/Rocket), herby tomato sauces.

In the past few weeks I have slowly been able to add these foods back into my diet.  Except for lettuce leaves.  I am hoping that after Rocky arrives that I get my appetite back for salad!

But interestingly what has also happened in the past few weeks I have woken up with a craving!  Yes I have finally experienced a craving!  This craving appears with no warning, it is sudden, there is nothing around me that makes me think oooooh I fancy some of that, it just appears in my head.  I can smell it, I can taste it, I can imagine it in my hand, I can imagine it slipping down my throat and satisfying my big brain itch I have for…..CHAMPAGNE!  FOR BREAKFAST!!!!

I promise you drinking champagne for breakfast is not something I would ordinarily do…ever really…except for in a bucks fizz or a mimosa.

The cool, crisp bubbles slipping down my throat, making me feel a little giddy from the alcohol has been my one and only craving so far.  And as this is a craving I really shouldn’t be satisfying at this later stage of my pregnancy, I have not given into it. Not that I have champagne lying around my house or that I could go out at at the crack of dawn to buy some – which is just as well really because if Chris woke up to find me drinking champagne (on my own) with my cereal and toast for breakfast, I think he would send me to the mad house!

Rocky….your eviction notice has been handed to you – mummy needs some champagne! Stat!


10 thoughts on “Champagne for Breakfast?

  1. EmilyMaine says:

    Hehe too funny! Back when I fell pregnant with my son I was a social smoker and my first trimesters I really craved cigarettes. It was so weird! Never had one, of course. I also didn’t like salad at all that pregnancy. Wishing you guys a great Christmas.


  2. Nara says:

    Ha! Our NCT class leader told us to pack champagne in our hospital bag! 😂 I haven’t missed drinking at all though, apart from when surrounded by drunken people at christmas parties (in which case I haven’t even missed it – I just feel like drinking to forget about how tedious they are!). I’m sure I’ll get my taste back later!

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