Where’s Waldo??

“Where’s Waldo? – Do you know who Waldo is?”

My doctor asked me as she used the vaginal ultrasound to search my uterus and fallopian tubes for a potential sac.  Today at my ultrasound appointment my doctor carefully searched as she discussed it with the more ‘junior’ doctor.  The ‘junior’ doctor also had a go with ultrasound wand.  But nothing was there – not even that black teeny dot from Tuesday was there anymore.

My hCG went up to 1066 from 686 (55% increase in 44 hrs).  This is not the direction my beta levels should be heading in right now.

My doctor helpfully told us today that her cut off is 7 weeks for a decision on whether to use methotrexate; in the mean time if my hCG continues to rise she will closely monitor me every 48 hours with ultrasound and beta blood tests until 7 weeks.  Today I am 6 weeks 2 days pregnant, so only 5 days left for me to miscarry naturally. She is now more confident that when I return on Saturday they will see the growing empty sac now that my beta hCG is above 1000.  The question remains – where will this empty sac be?  We are still hoping it will be in the uterus and not the fallopian tube.

So I’m still on ectopic watch for now.  I have no bleeding or spotting, the odd pain twinge here and there, today I woke up a bit more nauseous and I’m starting to pee a lot again, so my ‘pregnancy’ symptoms are now returning as my hCG levels continue to rise.  But overall I feel physically well, a little bit mentally drained.

Today I took a sick day which was a good idea because I am not sure my brain could have coped with work today, instead I spent some time doing adult colouring in.  Very therapeutic, but sometimes I can’t stop because I don’t like leaving things unfinished, and then it stops being therapeutic as I create a chore for myself!!!

Anyway, until Saturday…..we continue to wait.