Where’s Waldo??

“Where’s Waldo? – Do you know who Waldo is?”

My doctor asked me as she used the vaginal ultrasound to search my uterus and fallopian tubes for a potential sac.  Today at my ultrasound appointment my doctor carefully searched as she discussed it with the more ‘junior’ doctor.  The ‘junior’ doctor also had a go with ultrasound wand.  But nothing was there – not even that black teeny dot from Tuesday was there anymore.

My hCG went up to 1066 from 686 (55% increase in 44 hrs).  This is not the direction my beta levels should be heading in right now.

My doctor helpfully told us today that her cut off is 7 weeks for a decision on whether to use methotrexate; in the mean time if my hCG continues to rise she will closely monitor me every 48 hours with ultrasound and beta blood tests until 7 weeks.  Today I am 6 weeks 2 days pregnant, so only 5 days left for me to miscarry naturally. She is now more confident that when I return on Saturday they will see the growing empty sac now that my beta hCG is above 1000.  The question remains – where will this empty sac be?  We are still hoping it will be in the uterus and not the fallopian tube.

So I’m still on ectopic watch for now.  I have no bleeding or spotting, the odd pain twinge here and there, today I woke up a bit more nauseous and I’m starting to pee a lot again, so my ‘pregnancy’ symptoms are now returning as my hCG levels continue to rise.  But overall I feel physically well, a little bit mentally drained.

Today I took a sick day which was a good idea because I am not sure my brain could have coped with work today, instead I spent some time doing adult colouring in.  Very therapeutic, but sometimes I can’t stop because I don’t like leaving things unfinished, and then it stops being therapeutic as I create a chore for myself!!!

Anyway, until Saturday…..we continue to wait.

14 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo??

    • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

      Will do my dear!!!!! In fact I thought about this today and even asked my doctor which ER is best to take myself to (because we have 6 in our local area – which, by the way, I still can’t get my head around having a choice of which ER to go to!!!!! There is little to no choice in the UK!!!)


  1. Wifey says:

    I’ve been reading your posts and thinking of you often. I haven’t had a chance to comment bc things have been crazy, but I see your posts in my email and I always stop to read them. I’m so sorry that you are going through this. I know how hard it is.

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  2. Anamarie says:

    Seconding MPB’s sentiments. Take care of yourself and pay close attention to your body. Don’t be a hero and err on the side of being “dramatic.” Thinking of you and hoping this all passes without further issue.

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  3. ashleykyleanderson says:

    Oh god, Dani. I am so, so sorry about all of this. We’ve just moved so I haven’t been commenting as regularly, but I have kept up with your posts so I can follow what’s been happening. I just can’t believe any of this, and I am so devastated for you and Chris. It’s painful for me to read what you are going through and that you are just not getting a break at all, so I can only imagine how you guys must feel. I know you’ve been in the US for a while and probably have loads of people you can ask about the healthcare here… but I found it really intimidating to be in a UK hospital and would be happy to answer any questions you have, just in case. Also, I don’t know if there’s anything I can do for you, but please let me know if you think of something, especially if you haven’t told many people around you and are dealing with this on your own.

    I’ll continue to be thinking of you guys. Lots of love. xx


    • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

      Thank you so much 🙂 Hospitals are pretty mean in the UK compared to here!!! Well, we’ve only had one experience of US ER when Chris did his ankle in late at night and we had no where else to go! It was very good compared to some of my A&E experiences in the UK!! We have a plan to go to the ER that is on the same campus as my clinic so my doc can be called out if necessary….hopefully not!!! We are still in limbo land 😐 Another story……!
      Ps – I hope your move has gone smoothly and stress free 🙂


  4. EmilyMaine says:

    The wait for clarity is excruciating. I haven’t given up on the miracle yet which I know you can’t entertain really because you need to prepare yourself in accordance with the statistical likelihood. But until we see it in the tube it MAY be ok and I am hoping for that for you. xoxo

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  5. Nara says:

    Aww Dani, you’re totally in the wars. Glad you managed to take a day off. I hope the adult colouring book helped – I’m way too impatient for these things! 🙂 Hope that you get some confirmation soon.

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