IVF DIARY VOL I: 04 Aug 2015

IVF_Diary_Vol1fMedication(s) administered and dosage(s). 

Doxycycline to reduce chance of infection after the egg retrieval.

Acetaminophen/Codeine #3 300/30mg 1 every 4-6hrs as needed for pain – although I took one this morning, I’m afraid this is not helping with my constipation and I don’t think it is helping with the pain, so I’m not taking anymore.

Colace, to help counter my constipation.

Vivelle Dot Patches x2 (Estrogen usually administered to menopausal women).  These are super easy – they stick to my abdomen…now that is something I can do myself!!! I love the fact that they say on the box “Do not use if you are pregnant”. HA!!!

Progesterone in oil – 1mg.  Oh my goodness, this is an intra-muscular injection with a 1.5″ needle. I lay down on the bed on my front.  Using a cool pack I iced my buttock cheek in the top right hand quadrant where Chris injected it.  I hardly felt the needle going in as a result of the ice numbness, but I felt like Chris was pushing really hard so I said he doesn’t need to put pressure on it when it’s in me!  He told me that there was hardly an imprint of the needle on my skin, he wasn’t pushing! I guess that is just how a needle feels going into the muscle!  Afterwards we massaged the area and then I applied a heat pad to the injection area.  Owwww I feel like someone has kicked me in the butt cheek!! It’s really isn’t so bad, but I am not the one adminstering it, so I can look away!!

Medical procedures undertaken. No procedures on me per se, but my mature eggs were “ICSI’d” yesterday afternoon and our fertilised eggs are being looked after by the embryologists so they develop into embryos.

What are my symptoms? I am massively bloated – my waist increased by 4cm and I put on 3lbs despite the fact that I hardly ate anything yesterday.  I am constipated, I poo usually 3 times a day and so far nothing.  I’ve taken some Colace which takes 12-36 hours to work – not soon enough.  My bowels and stomach also hurt whenever I pee and fart.  Farting releases a little bit of the pressure, but does not relieve me!  It hurts when I walk, the pain is not getting any better.  The nurse said I should call tomorrow if the pain continues to worsen or I put on anymore weight because I could be at risk from Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome.  They would need to do an ultrasound to check how my ovaries are doing.  I really really hope this starts to go away so I can go to work tomorrow plus I want to be better before my transfer.  In the meantime the nurse advised drinking liquids, not just water but juice, gator aid and soup.  Eat small portions….I am soooo hungry, but I can’t physically eat a whole meal right now!!


Day 1 – pronuclear stage: 1 cell with 2 dots in the middle.  This indicates a normally fertilized egg with each dot representing genetic materials from the mum and the dad.

Any results? This morning I received a phone call from the IVF nurse co-ordinator who gave me an update on egg/embryo status.  When I answered the phone she sounded so somber I thought she was going to tell me it had been a complete failure.  But here is what she told me.  Yesterday they retrieved 9 eggs, 6 were mature, this morning 4 had successfully fertilised, 2 had not, but they may be late developers and so they will call me if they do make it.  If they don’t call, they haven’t made it, and 4 will be the number.  (They didn’t call in the end 😦 ). I won’t get any more updates until I arrive on Thursday for my transfer procedure (3 days). I’m not sure I like the fact that we won’t receive any more updates, but at the same time, what can I do about it if I was told if they are progressing well?  Nothing, so I guess this way it stops us thinking too much about it.

How do I feel today? I am trying to stay positive, I won’t lie that I cried for a very brief while after I got off the phone from the nurse.    I was initially upset that less than 1 in 2 eggs made it through to fertilisation.  I couldn’t help but think how somehow this is my failure.  But I realise this is ridiculous, so I cried for only a minute.

How does Chris feel today? Poor Chris found the intra-muscular injection quite traumatic, I feel really bad.  But he did it!!!  I will let him tell you all about it in a separate post.  He is quite pragmatic about the number of fertilised eggs – 4 today seems like a good number to come away with.  However he feels confused, like me, about whether we should wait for a 5 day transfer.

What’s next?   I am not sure about the 3 versus 5 day transfer.  We do get to discuss things with the doctor on Thursday, but we haven’t talked about it since we started our IVF cycle.  I’ve read a lot about the fact that if an embryo doesn’t make it to blastocyst stage at 5 days then it is unlikely to have ever been a viable pregnancy anyway (I am not sure how they can really know that for sure).  So wouldn’t it be better to let them get to 5 days to see if they survive to blastocyst stage rather than having false hope with a day 3 transfer and waiting two weeks to see it fail;?  This seems like the worst kind of gambling!!!

Weight. I’ve gained 3lbs of whatever over night, it’s not food that’s for sure!!! I’ll keep an eye on it.

Waist.  My waist has bloated 4cm in the last 24hrs, which might not sound like much, but it sure is a significant gain for me over this time period!

Boobs. NSTR.

Hours of Sunshine 🙂 I’m not really allowed in the sun because I am taking doxycycline 😦 but I did sneak in a bit (wearing sun cream of course) this morning and had a slow waddle down to the beach.


*Notes.  I take First Response Reproductive Health multi vitamin gummies (pre-natal) and CoQ10 200mg gummies daily.  NSTR = Nothing Significant To Report.

IVF DIARY VOL I: 02-03 Aug 2015

IVF_Diary_Vol1Medication(s) administered and dosage(s). 
 A whole bunch of anesthesia drugs…who knows what!  And some Acetaminophen/Codeine #3 300/30mg 1 every 4-6hrs as needed for pain.

Medical procedures undertaken. Oocyte (egg) retrieval!  I arrived at the clinic today nice and early for a 7AM start.  No one was in the waiting room, Chris and I literally sat down for 30 secs when we were taken upstairs to the IVF surgery room.  We were number 3 out of 4 for egg retrievals today, so we got to see what the deal was before it was my turn!!  I was immediately shown to my ‘bed’ area, a curtained off area, like in any hospital I guess.  There was a waiting room/small coffee room for partners to wait in, but Chris mostly sat with me.  The nurses I met were bright, bubbly and friendly who seem to love their job, but they seemed constantly busy managing four patients at a time, they did a great job!

I was given a hospital gown and ‘Deli Ham Hat’ i.e. a hair net to put on.  I was allowed to keep my socks on! Yey!!  We waited for about 15 minutes in the bed cubicle with a ‘hot water bottle’ placed on the back of my hands, then the nurse asked Chris to take a seat in the waiting room whilst she put my Intra-Veinous drip in to the back of my hand.  Mostly because the nurse wanted Chris’s seat in order to sit down to do her job!  But also so that she doesn’t need to worry about him passing out when watching.  Clearly this has happened to some poor person in the past!  The nurse apologised for not offering me a numbing cream initially, but I pointed out that another needle really wasn’t going to ruin my day after the past 10 days of injections and needles!!  She did a great job of getting the IV in and I hardly felt it (she told me about my great veins!), although I couldn’t watch her do it and had to look away.  Once I was attached to a the drip she switched it on and I felt a coldness run up my arm.  She went to call Chris back from the waiting room.

As we waited, we heard the other ladies come and go quite quickly.  My doctor popped her head in to say hello.  She is quite eccentrically introverted, so her bedside manner isn’t the greatest!  She asked us how our summer was going, quickly realising where we were, and she said ‘Oh yes, doing IVF, it’s probably quite stressful!’ and then she wondered off.  I wasn’t offended by her, she is lovely, but I am not sure she would be everyone’s cup of tea in this regard.  In fact the first couple up for retrieval had specifically requested for our doctor to do the egg retrieval procedure because they respect her so much.  I am not so sure I would want that.  Not because I don’t trust her, but because I’d rather have the surgeon who does it day in day out!

After 30 minutes or so of waiting it was my turn.  The anesthetist asked me a few questions, I went to try and empty my bladder – there wasn’t much left at this stage – then she injected something into my IV, I started to feel woosy, like I had had a few alcoholic drinks, my words were slurring as they pushed my bed to the theatre room.  They asked me to shuffle onto the operating table, which I just about managed, I put my legs in some stirrups and the anesthetist injected something else. The next thing I knew I was talking to the nurse back in my bed cubicle.  Oh the pain was like my worst period times two, I really wanted to just curl up with a hot water bottle and cry.  For some reason I had started talking to the nurse about my experience of American military hospitals in Kuwait….I have no idea why!  The next thing I knew, I had my eyes open and Chris was holding my hand next to my bed.

During my egg retrieval Chris provided his sperm sample.  All in all, I was in and out in 25 minutes.  After about 15 minutes of recovery I was up walking to the bathroom – slowly!!!  The nurses told me that they thought 9 eggs was the magic number,  Which was incidentally the same number of eggs for the two other ladies before me!!! What are the chances of that?  Chris and I made a bet, I said 9, he said 11.  We find out tomorrow morning how many fertilize successfully.  I was made to sit in a wheelchair and taken to the front door by the nurse where Chris picked me up.  The drive home wasn’t overly comfortable, I felt every bump.  It felt like I was balancing a couple of weights on my ovaries, particularly my right one.

How do I feel today? I’m feeling positive.  I also feel like there is absolutely nothing in my control right now, so there is no point in worrying.  My mum and Chris are taking care of me whilst I take some time out on the sofa.  I really really hope our embryos stay strong to make it to a 5 day transfer because a 3 day transfer would be on Thursday and a few months ago I bought front row tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil for Thursday evening!! Of course if a 3 day transfer is on the cards then I will have to give my ticket to someone else and go another time, just not front row 😦

What are my symptoms? Very tender after the egg retrieval, it feels like I have been punched in the stomach and have weights hanging down from my ovaries so moving slowly is a must!!! Also going to the toilet is quite painful at the moment 😦

How does Chris feel today? He is a soldier.  Chris came up with a couple of funny egg based jokes…e.g. Today I will have my eggs ‘poached’…how do you like them? Over ICSI…. (*sigh, groan).  But he kept us chipper!

Any results? The nurses said they thought we had 9 eggs retrieved, but tomorrow morning we find out how many eggs fertilise.  I’ve finally got all my estradiol results, so I have changed the plot below to show my follicle growth and estradiol together over time.

What’s next?  Apart from finding out how many eggs have fertilised, tomorrow I start taking the estrogen patches and Chris starts injecting the progesterone. Oh crap….not looking forward to that.

Weight. I’ve managed to keep the weight off.  The nurses said after I told them my weight that I’m the kind of person they dislike!  Obviously they were joking 🙂

Waist.  NSTR.

Boobs. NSTR

Hours of Sunshine 🙂 It’s 92F outside and I am stuck inside recovering 😦



*Notes.  I take First Response Reproductive Health multi vitamin gummies (pre-natal) and CoQ10 200mg gummies daily.  NSTR = Nothing Significant To Report.

What does it all mean? Pt 2: Drugs & Hormones

Hormones, hormones, hormones…why am I injecting all these hormones and what do they do??  This is a good question – apart from doing as I am told by the doctor, I thought I should be able to at least answer this question to my friends and family  who ask: What does each drug do and why I am taking it?  So I am going to have to go back to school with this, I hope I am not patronising.  I am sure I could recant all of this from my biology classes if they weren’t almost 20 years ago!!!

There are several ways a doctor can choose to stimulate ovaries for IVF treatment, these are called protocols and they can vary in dosage, type and timings.  My doctor has chosen the antagonist protocol for me.

Back to basics...so let’s take it back to school…there are four major hormones involved in the menstrual cycle: FSH (Follicle-Stimulating Hormone), LH (Luteinizing Hormone), Estrogen and Progesterone.  Today I am going to focus only on the first two weeks of the menstrual cycle, also known as the follicular phase.

During the folliclar phase, in a normal menstrual cycle the following events occur:

  • FSH and LH are released from the brain and travel into the blood to the ovaries.
  • These hormones stimulate 15-20 eggs in the ovaries, each in its own “shell”, called a follicle.
  • These hormones (FSH and LH) also trigger an increase in the production of estrogen.
  • As estrogen levels rise, like a switch, it turns off the production of FSH.  This careful balance of hormones allows the body to limit the number of follicles that mature to just one.

So what does this mean for IVF?  The goal of IVF is to produce as many mature eggs as possible to create conditions for the greatest chance of successful conception, to do this doctors use injectible hormones to control this phase of the mentrual cycle and stimulate the growth and maturation of the eggs, ready to be fertilised.

So we know that FSH stimulates the growth and number of small follicles, for small follicles FSH is the major survival factor that enables them to develop beyond 5mm in diameter and to avoid apoptosis, i.e. the programmed death of a follicle and egg.  In a normal menstrual cycle, multiple small follicles produce inhibin-B to lower FSH levels so that only one follicle will mature.  In an IVF cycle, artificially increased FSH overides the inhibin-B levels and therefore allows multiple follicles to grow and mature.  This is where the drugs Gonal-F and Menopur come in.

Gonal-F is a follitropin alpha medication (also known as a gonadotropin).  It is a synthetic version of the naturally-occurring FSH.  Where as, Menopur (also a gonadotropin), a combination of both FSH and LH, however unlike Gonal-F, Menopur is natural; it is extracted and purified from the urine of post-menopausal women -ummmm nice.  It is believed that a small quantity of LH during ovarian stimulation produces a better result in some patients.  It is for this reason that my doctor prescribes a combination of the natural and synthetic combination of gonadotropins, menopur and gonal-f.

As the gonal-F and menopur start to work, we need to make sure ovulation doesn’t occur prematurely, therefore they use the injectible Cetrotide.  The active substance in cetrotide is cetrorelix, this blocks the natural hormone LHRH (Lutenising hormone releasing hormone).  LHRH controls the production and release of LH which causes ovulation.  The cetrotide stops the production of LH, preventing premature ovulation.  This allows the doctors to carefully control when ovulation will occur.

The trigger injection.  The controlled hormonal stimulation I have described so far usually lasts for about 8-12 days, and dosages vary depending on how the woman responds to the drugs.  This happens all before another drug is injected – Ovidrel.  Ovidrel is the trigger injection containing a synthetic form of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin – hCG.  There are several brand names for the hCG trigger shot including Ovidrel, Profasi, Pregnyl, and Novarel.  hCG is known as the pregnancy hormone, but it also happens to be molecularly similar to LH. In a natural cycle, LH triggers ovulation. As part of fertility treatment, an injection of hCG is used to trigger the maturation of eggs.  Ovulation usually occurs 36 hours after this trigger injection is given.  In the case of IVF, egg retrieval is carefully timed to collect the eggs just before ovulation, but long enough that the eggs have matured in the body ready to be extracted for fertilisation.

In part 3 I will focus on explaining the second phase of the menstrual cycle which includes the lovely hormones estrogen and progesterone….yippeeee!!!


IVF_Diary_Vol1a.pngMedication(s) administered and dosage(s).
2 injections: (AM) Cetrotide 0.25mg, (PM) Ovidrel – HcG trigger shot (yippeee!).

Medical procedures undertaken. Ultrasound and Estradiol blood test, Chris came along this time.  The ultrasound was very uncomfortable with all the pressure building up in my ovaries.  Today’s appointment was with one of the senior doctors who I had not yet met.  The ultrasound seemed to be just a brief check that everything was to his satisfaction before he decided when I will trigger – Monday or Tuesday; this time the nurse wasn’t recording the follicles.  The doctor asked me what I was planning on doing this weekend…I said “nothing!!”.  He said he thought that was a good idea, perhaps I could just about manage some shopping (Chris was behind me shaking his head, miming ‘Nooooooo!!’).  But really, I’m not a shopping kind of gal anyway.  He also told me I should drink lots of water or gatorade (2-3 litres) to keep myself hydrated.

How do I feel today? I am super pleased no more menopur or cetrotide injections!!! Those medications are just AWFUL.  Just one injection this evening, and I will be drug free until Monday! I’ll take that 24hr break!

What are my symptoms? I struggled with falling asleep last night because I like to sleep in the ‘recovery position’ and that was almost impossible as my ovaries are very painful.  I even woke up once from the pain.  Today I am still ‘waddling’ and feeling just a little bit sorry for myself.  It’s a pain I have never experienced before.  It is kind of like the pain after being punched in the stomach and been winded (if you know what that feels like!!), I also just feel generally ‘heavy’.  It has been a glorious sunny day, my mum is visiting, we had plans to spend the day on the beach and all I really wanted to was lie on the sofa and watch TV.  Not really like me at all 😦

How does Chris feel today? He is pleased the injections are over (well for now anyway), he is sad that my tummy hurts.  He bought me some flowers to cheer me up today.  He also bought me some cat fishing bait for when I am in bed on monday.  What is cat fishing bait I ask you?  Well it is a roll of crepe paper party streamers…I think his idea was that I can ‘bait’ the cats to sit on the bed with me and keep me company.

Any results? Today the smaller follicles on the left had caught up, but they are now at 16-18mm, which is just where they need to be.  There isn’t an official count, but I know that there are at least 15 follicles in total.  I have nothing to compare it to, so as long as the doctor is pleased I’m pleased!!! I don’t know my estradiol results yet.

What’s next?  Chris will administer the Ovidrel trigger injection at 10PM this evening in time for my egg retrieval procedure on Monday 7AM! Nice and early :-s

Weight. NSTR

Waist.  Despite my little bloating around my ovaries my waist has amazingly stayed the same size throughout the stimulation phase.  I think I am lucky, but I have been good about not eating too much crap despite my cravings.

Boobs. NSTR

Hours of Sunshine 🙂 I managed to get out for a short walk to the beach and around the neighbourhood – about 45 mins to soak up a little bit of sun.

*Notes.  I take First Response Reproductive Health multi vitamin gummies (pre-natal) and CoQ10 200mg gummies daily.  NSTR = Nothing Significant To Report.

IVF DIARY VOL I: 30-31 JULY 2015

IVF_Diary_Vol1hMedication(s) administered and dosage(s). 3 injections: (AM) Cetrotide 0.25mg, (PM) Gonal-F 300iu and Menopur 75iu.

Medical procedures undertaken. Ultrasound and Estradiol blood test, my mum came with me, that was really nice.

How do I feel today? I pretty much cried at work today because my team gave me a good luck/thinking of you card, with a very generous gift – a voucher for a very fancy restaurant in our neighbourhood…to help us chill out!  How amazing is that?

What are my symptoms? My stomach is still painful from the injections and I feel like I am waddling a little bit from the bloating 😦

How does Chris feel today? He is out having a drink with some work colleagues at the moment, so I think he is probably feeling OK right now!!  I just couldn’t face it this evening.

Any results? Today I had 7 follicles on each side, so it looks like the left ovary caught up, but I am not sure why I had 9 two days ago and today there were 7!  Most of them were 13mm-16mm and the two newbies were 6-8mm I am not sure how they track them all, there are so many to count and measure.  Whatever…it looks like I’m reacting to the drugs according to plan so that is all that matters.

What’s next?  Tomorrow morning I have another monitoring appointment, hopefully the last one before they give me the go ahead to ‘trigger’ and I have egg retrieval on Monday. Yippeee!!

Weight. NSTR

Waist.  NSTR.

Boobs. NSTR

Hours of Sunshine 🙂 No sun today 😦



*Notes.  I take First Response Reproductive Health multi vitamin gummies (pre-natal) and CoQ10 200mg gummies daily.  NSTR = Nothing Significant To Report.


IVF_Diary_Vol1Medication(s) administered and dosage(s). 3 injections: (AM) Cetrotide 0.25mg, (PM) Gonal-F 300iu and Menopur 75iu.

The cetrotide was a bit better this morning, but as I was distracted with getting to the clinic on time for my monitoring appointment I didn’t feel as bad as yesterday. Phew!

Medical procedures undertaken. Ultrasound and Estradiol blood test.  My appointment was at 8AM, I arrived at 0750 and the receptionist told me that they were a team down and there may be some delays.  I commented that was fine because it just meant I didn’t have to work for quite as long!  However, it was at 0945 I was getting a little annoyed at the wait, AND I had drained my phone battery googling IVF success statistics.  I had a new doctor I had not met before, she apologised profusely that she had been stuck in surgery.  Oh well stuff happens.  As soon as the doctor inserted the ultrasound wand and I saw all the follicles in my right ovary I almost cried with relief!

How do I feel today? Still feeling positive!  My mum arrived from the UK today and we won our game of softball (that I managed to drag myself to despite feeling poo every time I bend over) so it was a pretty awesome day despite some of the pains in my tummy.

What are my symptoms? My stomach is still painful from the injections, but not quite as bad as yesterday.

How does Chris feel today? He tells me he is feeling good.  He stabbed me four times with three injections today.  I was watching this time and I burst out laughing as he managed to get the needle with the second attempt, which is NOT a good idea – jiggling about with a needle hanging in you!

Any results? 9 lovely follicles in the right ovary, so a couple of new ones have had a growth spurt, only 4 in the left….as the doctor said, it’s the lazy lefty ovary.  But everything is on track and no adjustments to my medication required.

What’s next?  Focusing on getting my project at work completed so I can focus my energy on next week.

Weight. No gain or loss today.  Still not sure how.

Waist.  Oh my waist is still a little pot bellied bloated.

Boobs. NSTR

Hours of Sunshine 🙂 About 15 minutes as I had a walk at lunch time with a friend to get some fresh air, and then about 1.5hrs in the glorious evening sun playing softball (well attempting to play softball without bending over too much, which is pretty difficult as I play Catcher!!!)150729_IVF1_Stats


*Notes.  I take First Response Reproductive Health multi vitamin gummies (pre-natal) and CoQ10 200mg gummies daily.  NSTR = Nothing Significant To Report.

Needles vs Skin: Place your bets now …

Some of you may have read my previous post about skin – it’s tougher than you think. In it I described the first night of injections for our IVF and I think you’ll agree it was a huge success…

…ok, perhaps not so much of a huge success, the drugs ending up inside Dani is a success but the number of attempts to get the needle through the skin left some room for improvement.

Day 1 re-cap: Injections – 2 : Holes in skin 5. Not a strong performance, some rookie errors leaving me someway off par

Day 2 summary: Injections – 2 : Holes in skin – 2 … nailed it! The success rate could be attributed to a greater degree of confidence after achieving such success on day 1, or it could be that I launched the hypodermic towards Dani’s stomach with so much force that it almost went in up to my elbow. I feel like I’m getting the hang of this drug administration stuff, there wasn’t any need for me to have a lie down this time, no wooziness and no tears for either of us. I feel that I’m on the way to reclaiming my manliness

Day 3 summary: Injections 2 : Holes in skin 3 – oh dear. A slight backward step here, the first attempt bounced, yes really, it bounced off her stomach, but worry not, I got it on the rebound. The double shot made me a little nervous on the second injection but afterwards Dani patted me on the head whilst saying ‘well done’ so I know it went well. I also wonder if she thinks I am a dog, It gives me something to ponder as she scratches behind my ears ….

Day 4 summary: Injections 2 : Holes in skin 2. A strong performance, regaining a little of the lost ground from the day 3 slips. Manliness may have taken another backward step as I did get a bit nervous on the second injection

Day 5 summary (today): New injection day, 1 in the morning and 2 in the evening, a 50% increase in number of jabs per day and a greater opportunity for the stats to go against me. Being a new drug day we thought we’d try a new position, Dani leaning up against the counter and me kneeling in front of her, this gives me more room to wield the needle and get a good swing with my arm :o) (What it really gives us is a bit more light to see by, the truth isn’t very exciting, sorry)

Final result Injections – 3 : holes in skin – 3, another stellar performance by Dani, she took the needles like a pro. The morning jab went OK but the drugs seem to burn after they’re inside her and that didn’t give a good start for the evening drugs as there was some nervousness about the pain from the Menopur., Fortunately the kneeling seems to make it steadier when I draw the needle out so less pain from the injections and only discomfort from the drugs. There was no real need to lie down this time but we did it anyway as it’s just a nice thing to do.

So the running stats to date:

  • Injections 11
  • Holes in skin 15

Not the best of records, and although it pains me to say it, I have to recognise that I’ll never close the gap. The only way to close the gap is to give two injections in the same hole, not something we will be attempting at any point (pun intended – thank you!). The 4 hole difference in my stats will forever be there, a record of my ineptitude and an indicator that a career as a nurse might not be a good option for me. The best I can hope for is that Dani forgives me for being so rubbish with the needles and that the gap between # injections and # holes doesn’t widen any further.

5 days to go. Would anyone care to bet what the final stats will be … ?


IVF_Diary_Vol1gMedication(s) administered and dosage(s). 3 injections: (AM) Cetrotide 0.25mg, (PM) Gonal-F 300iu and Menopur 75iu.

Cetrotide – is this evil in disguise?  Maybe.  The injection did not hurt going in, I could barely feel it compared to the other two injections, but my goodness it stung afterwards.  It was like a wasp had crawled into my stomach and couldn’t get out.

Medical procedures undertaken. Nil.

How do I feel today? Having used half of my menopur medication stockpile I am kind of excited by this this fact!!

Tuesday night is games night in our household.  This evening we learned that we should perhaps never play games ever again whilst on these drugs.  Chris beat me at risk – well I conceded after 10 minutes of play.  Then he beat me at cribbage.  Seriously Chris, you were supposed to let me win at least one game :_-(  Oh and I also scared the cat out of his skin when I jokingly screamed at Chris after I lost at risk “I’M HORMONAL – YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BEAT ME”  (perhaps the neighbours think I am mad now too).  I have also lost my voice from shouting; it serves me right really!!!!

What are my symptoms? OH TODAY HAS SUCKED. After the cetrotide injection, I got into work and immediately wanted to go home and curl up in bed.  My colleagues were telling me to go home when they saw me.  However, I still have this project to finish, so I made myself a hot water bottle and managed to make it through the morning.  The pain was from the injections, I felt like I had done 1000 sit ups, my muscles ached, and my skin was sensitive to touch – when my work pass touched my stomach I winced. I thought I was going to have to go home at lunch, but suddenly my stomach felt a whole lot better after 1pm so I stayed and felt quite chirpy for the rest of the afternoon.

How does Chris feel today? He is going to write his own blog post tonight.  Bless him, he still gets nervous with the injections.

Any results? NA.

What’s next?  Tomorrow I have another monitoring appointment.  We are half way through the stimulation part of the IVF cycle now! (Hopefully).  I am not looking forward to the next cetrotide injection in the morning 😦

My mum is flying in from the UK tomorrow to stay for three weeks so I will be picking her up from the airport!

Weight. Apparently I weigh less than yesterday….not sure how that is possible when I look down at my stomach.

Waist.  Oh my waist is still a little pot bellied bloated.

Boobs. NSTR

Hours of Sunshine 🙂 Only 1/2hr of sunshine whilst I tidied up the garden this evening.


*Notes.  I take First Response Reproductive Health multi vitamin gummies (pre-natal) and CoQ10 200mg gummies daily.  NSTR = Nothing Significant To Report.


IVF_Diary_Vol1fMedication(s) administered and dosage(s). 2 injections: Gonal-F 300 iu and Menopur 75 iu.

Medical procedures undertaken. Ultrasound and blood test.  Also had a quick pre-surgery health check up.

How do I feel today? I have found it really hard to concentrate at work today.  I don’t know why.  I have a really big project deadline coming up…of course it is due the week of egg retrieval and transfer.  Couldn’t have planned it any better?!?! (a bit of sarcasm there).  I have pondered about working from home, I have also pondered just calling in sick.  But I checked out our sick leave policy for the first time in my life!  If I am off work for more than two days I need a doctors note, and if I am sick for more than 6 days in a year it cuts out of my annual leave entitlement :-s  so as I will probably be taking 3-4 days of sick leave for the procedures next week, basically, I need to not call in sick! (I had one sick day earlier this year).

The doctor who did a quick pre-surgery health check up was very young.  So young that she actually said “Love it” to me when I said I had no questions.  I feel old.

What are my symptoms? Lot’s of peeing!  I’m trying to avoid headaches so I’ve been drinking more water, it has mostly helped, but I am having the odd headache here and there.

How does Chris feel today? “Feeling good because we are on track and injections are going well” (he hasn’t killed me yet basically)

Any results? My follicle count this morning is currently at 8 at various sizes from 4-8mm…apparently I am progressing how they want me to progress and were pleased with this.  Well I’m pleased if they are pleased!  I will stay on same dosage of Gonal-F (300iu) and menopur (75iu), but adding cetrotide to the list of injections.

What’s next?  Eeeek, I start the Cetrotide injections tomorrow morning, increasing total number of injections per day to 3.  Seriously going to run out of space on my tummy soon!  But I am excited because this means we are almost half way through this stage of injections.

Weight. OK so I panicked with my 1.6lb increase yesterday, but some of that had disappeared by this morning, so it must have been a combination of weekend munchies with some bloating from the stimulation.

Waist.  Still feeling bloated.

Boobs. NSTR

Hours of Sunshine 🙂 Well the sun didn’t come out in Virginia today, so there was no sun to be had 😦



*Notes.  I take First Response Reproductive Health multi vitamin gummies (pre-natal) and CoQ10 200mg gummies daily.  NSTR = Nothing Significant To Report.

IVF DIARY VOL I: 25 – 26 JULY 2015

IVF_Diary_Vol1e.pngMedication(s) administered and dosage(s). 2 injections: Gonal-F 300 iu and Menopur 75 iu.   So the injections are going well, I have a few puncture marks, but no bruises, just a bit of tenderness from the menopur.  The Gonal-F needle requires a bit of extra pressure to go in, so we are doing this one first to get it over and done with.  The menopur stings like hell when it is being injected (not from the needle, but the medication itself), even if Chris injects it really slowly.  It also immediately feels hard beneath my skin, I’m not sure whether giving it a rub is a good thing or not, so I have refrained from doing so.  But after I lie down with a heat pad on it for 10 minutes or so all is fine.  We didn’t realise that the Gonal-F 450iu box actually makes up 600iu reconstituted, so we made up a second vial yesterday when we didn’t need to.  Whoops! But we learn.

Medical procedures undertaken. Nil.

How do I feel today? Uncomfortably full after each meal – and no I’m not eating more!!! It’s a weird sensation I haven’t felt before.  I’m feeling positive!

What are my symptoms? Other than the odd occasional sharp pain, I haven’t had any other symptoms.  I have woken up in bed absolutely soaked from the night sweats over the past few nights.  In fact this has been happening a lot recently.  I assume it is from the medications.  I am just glad we bought a king size bed so that when I do wake up in the middle of the night I have somewhere dry to lie and get back to sleep!!! It’s gross! Poor Chris.

How does Chris feel today? Chris has put “Go Home” into his work diary so that he comes home every night at a reasonable time! But he tells me he is feeling good about where we are and what we are doing.  He feels a little worried about how I feel in my tummy (quote).  He did forget to take his doxycycline pill and I had to remind him, he says he feels a bit like a wally that he had one thing to do (but I think he is beating himself up for no reason because after all he is the one doing the injections).

Any results? Nil.

What’s next?  My next monitoring appointment is tomorrow before work.

Weight. Aghhhh!!! I put on 1.6lbs over night!  That is the biggest increase I have had since I’ve been monitoring my weight.  I shouldn’t be surprised, I have heard that this is inevitable, and the weight will be all the extra fluid…but seriously, if I keep up at this rate I will be over 10lbs heavier!

Waist.  I have been measuring my waistline just below my belly button and my waistline hasn’t changed yet….but believe me, when I look down, I’m like WOAH, where did that tummy come from??! I have a little sticky out tummy like I am pregnant.  I am only on day 3 of stim medication….what’s it going to be like by the end??!?!

Boobs. NSTR

Hours of Sunshine 🙂 Lots and lots of sunshine this weekend!  We spent 2.5hrs lazing on the beach on Saturday and we sat outside for lunch for 1hr.  Today we went on a kayaking trip in False Cape State park, so that was another 3hrs in the glorious sun.  Chris forgot to put suncream on his face today.  Doh.  He is a bit pink in the face this evening.  But this really will be the last time he gets out into the sun until he provides his sperm specimen.  He started taking a prescription of Doxycycline in order to prepare his sperm for ICSI.  The doxycycline helps make his sperm less sticky so they can easily select one for ICSI.


*Notes.  I take First Response Reproductive Health multi vitamin gummies (pre-natal) and CoQ10 200mg gummies daily.  NSTR = Nothing Significant To Report.