My new cubicle buddy is actually an IVF angel!

There are some benefits of telling your work colleagues that you are about to go through IVF.  My new cubicle buddy told me that she gave injections for her friend going through IVF – so she not only knows all about IVF, but also has the injectible skills! Haha! She kindly offered to give me any of my injections if I needed the assistance.  So if we have an emergency like the time Chris had to stab me in his work car park…my cubicle angel will be there for me 🙂  In fact, another friend at work has also offered her assistance too with the injections (she has never given one before, but isn’t squeamish about it like me!).  I am loving the love and feel very grateful to be surrounded by such lovely friends 🙂


Feeling the Love right now