The beginning? Or the beginning of the end?

Is this pPathost the beginning of my hunt?  No.  But it feels a little bit like the start. This is my first blog post, and the first time I am sharing with the world that we are on the hunt for the pudding club.  But this is by no means the true beginning of our journey.

Our journey began a long time ago.  It started in 2011 with a trip to the Dolomites, Italy, where Chris romantically  proposed to me at the top of a mountain.  He proposed 2 hours into the start of our four day hike into the remote mountains.  A very risky proposal considering I had been giving him signals that I was not interested in getting married (mis-read signals, I will add!).  It could have been an awkward four days if I had turned his proposal down.  But it was after accepting his proposal on this four day trip, that we spent quality time discussing our future together.  As you can imagine over four days in the wilderness, it was many hours of discussion.  But it was clear that we had similar dreams, goals and desires in life.  Including having children.  I think this was the true start of our journey, our hunt.

We married in 2012 and moved to Virginia USA in 2013.  I had my birth control IUD removed in 2012, but the real deciding moment to make our family bigger was in December 2013.  This was the defining moment when we realised we were on the right path, and this was our greatest dream.  Life since then, for us both, has been amazing, and blessed in many ways.  Our journey has been beautiful, but it is getting tiring.  I am a glass half full type of girl, and recently my glass has been looking a little half empty.

Last week our doctor diagnosed us with ‘unexplained infertility’.  This was a huge relief to both of us.  We have no serious ailments preventing a natural conception.   However, this is a diagnosis given to almost 30% of infertility cases and often all this means is that there is some other unknown cause of infertility.  Pinpointing exactly the cause is very difficult for medical professionals.  The art of conception is an amazing feat of nature.  So the doctor recommended that we focus on treatment rather than causes.  Chris jumped straight in – when can we start?  The answer, was right away.

So is this the real beginning of our journey? Actually, this blog post is the beginning of our journey, for what I hope is the start of my glass returning to being half full.  Maybe the hunt will be over next month, and this is actually the beginning of the end.  But the turns keep coming at us, and so our journey continues for now….

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