Cycle Day 11 Ultrasound – its’s go go go for IUI #2

Today I went in for my Cycle Day 11 Ultrasound to check my uterine lining and follicle maturation.  The doctor was a little more smiley today than the last time she performed the ultrasound.  I felt a little more at ease this time around.

So here are the results from my ultrasound:

8mm Uterine lining – that’s apparently very good

3 follicles in total: 2 in the left ovary, 23mm & 16mm in size and 1 in the right ovary, 25mm.  All three looked good.  So more of a chance of multiples than last time :-s, but it is a risk we agreed to take.

Chris asked the doctor about the last cycle where two of my follicles were a bit bigger, were we too late and missed our chance?  But the doctor said that with letrozole, follicle size can be up to 28mm.

Tonight we get to do the ovidrel injection and then IUI is scheduled for 0800 Saturday morning. Woohoo!!! (but not woohoo to the injection though, that stuff is just mean).

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