When using the counting method…

If you use then counting method with your partner when injecting you with your hormone of choice…you should agree in advance at what number you are finishing the injection at! Especially if you choose not to watch.

Last night was Ovidrel shot time.  As Chris counted down, I moved away at 3, he was planning on going to 4, as I wasn’t looking – ouch!! I moved away just as he was pulling the needle out of my abdomen.  I Was a tad sore afterwards and still am 😦

By the way. I decided to read the bumpf that comes with the ovidrel injection. Under the section about how ovidrel is made it says…

The production process involves expansion of genetically modified Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells from an extensively characterized cell bank into large scale cell culture processing…

This tickled me, does it have to be from the Ovaries of a Chinese Hamster? Could it be from the ovaries of a Russian Hamster? But they are fluffier so maybe not…

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