It can be all a little bit confusing

Infertility treatment IS pretty darn confusing.  And I’ve spent 100s of hours researching it.  It’s confusing because there is no one single way to treat infertility.  If they had figured out a magic pill to get you pregnant we would all be taking it.  Unfortunately, there isn’t that one pill.  There are many causes of infertility and so treatment is specific to the couple being treated.  The journey each one of us take to the great pudding club will be unique.  And it can be confusing with all that medical jargon, drugs (brands and generic versions), procedures, timings…and to make things worse, it will probably be different each time we have another try to make a little one.

We have been asked many questions by friends and family about our infertility, and I am so glad they do ask – firstly, it shows that they care, and secondly, it helps spread awareness of infertility (did you know that 1 in 10 couples are infertile?).  So to this end, I have put together a page on my site that introduces some of the important terms we talk about a lot, all in one place.

(My new page: What does it all mean?)

I have also updated the ‘about me’ page to include a timeline of what we have tried so far.  We will be using these pages as a place to direct family and friends for a bit of background as we start our first IVF cycle and tell a few more people what we are going through.

My dear friends, I just wanted you to know how grateful I am that you are here with us and support us along the way.  Thank you for understanding and thank you for providing us with words of strength and comfort X

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