IVF DIARY VOL I: 10 – 16 JULY 2015

IVF_Diary_Vol1a.pngMedication(s) administered and dosage(s). Ovulation Control Pill (OCP) Reclipsen 0.15MG-30MCG x 1

Medical procedures undertaken. Nil

How do I feel today?  Fed up of spotting!  I haven’t felt ‘hormonal’ the last week like I thought potentially the birth control pills might do.  Overall feeling not too bad.

What are my symptoms? The first few days after I started the birth control pills I got a bit bloated and a bit constipated…which for someone with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (The diarrhea type) one would think it would make a nice change from going to poo three times a day!  Fortunately, things have got back to normal in that arena.  My boobs are a little tender and have stayed the same size since my period started (a bit bigger).  Then there is the extra bleeding also, my period lasted a couple of days longer than my normal 2-3 days…and I have been spotting since then, so wearing a panty liner is a must right now.

How does Chris feel today? Chris is still very busy at work at the moment 😦 He is trying to get as much done in prep for the when we start ‘stimming’ (aka injecting the drugs) so he can focus on us.  (Aww bless him, he’s a sweetie)  We did have that big discussion about how many embryos to transfer and what our decision will be.  It made for an interesting dinner table conversation!  We weighed up the pros and cons, but he did say that ultimately he would stick with whatever I decided because it is my body and health that would be at risk.  So we haven’t completely ruled out transferring two just yet.

Any results? NA

What’s next? Just four more days of birth control pills.  I’m looking forward to not hearing my ‘alien’ alarm on my phone that reminds me to take them at the same time every day.

Weight. Funny story and probably too much information – Now, I have been weighing myself as soon as I wake up to make it a fair comparison.  One morning, after weighing myself I went downstairs, started to prepare breakfast when I realised I needed to go to the toilet (at last hooray!!).  And as I mentioned earlier, having been constipated for a while, I did an enormous poo….so much so that in the interest of science, afterwards, I dashed back upstairs to weigh myself again.  Can you believe it?  I weighed EXACTLY the same 127.2lbs….and I got on and off I three times to be sure it wasn’t stuck.  So now I just don’t trust those scales!!

Waist.  NSTR

Boobs. NSTR

Hours of Sunshine 🙂 Seriously, still not enough….the weather has not been great recently, but last night whilst I played softball I soaked up the evening sun and it was glorious.  I hope this weekend brings us some better weather!


*Notes.  I take First Response Reproductive Health multi vitamin gummies (pre-natal) and CoQ10 200mg gummies daily.  NSTR = Nothing Significant To Report.

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