A letter to all my friends

Dear friend,

I hope this letter finds you well. At a time when we are feeling our lowest, I am trying to find ways to pick ourselves up, and I realised that all we really needed to do was think of you.  I realised we haven’t sent you acknowledgement of everything you have done for us, you see you are probably unaware of how much of a difference you have made to us as we face difficult times.  What I really want to you today is THANK YOU.  So here we go….

Thank you for being our cheer leaders.  Trying to conceive isn’t easy for everyone, and for some, like us struggling with infertility, it’s a mountain.  We feel lucky that we have you by our sides through this journey.  We are going to get there, and you keep reminding us that we will make it, but sometimes we forget where we are going and consider turning back.  You are there to tell us to keep going, to cheer us on when the going gets tough. Thank you.

Thank you for being sensitive about our situation and trying to understand what it is like for us.  We know that you have been keeping up with our blog so you can understand.  Sometimes you have even helped us look at things from a different point of view.  We can get tunnel vision, reminding us what else is around us is good for us.  Thank you.

Thank you for covering for us at work, we know we haven’t exactly been the most reliable people to work with, but your flexibility is helping us out, and you know we would always repay the favour at the drop of a hat.  Thank you.

Thank you for offering us a hand when the going has got tough.  At times when we just feel like breaking down, you have been there with a hand to help us get up and at ’em.  Sometimes, just your words of offering us a hand is more than enough to get us going.  Your words and thoughts are greatly appreciated – we may not be able to reply straight away.  Sometimes your words are so overwhelmingly filled with love that we are temporarily speechless and overcome that we just don’t know how to phrase a response.  Thank you.

I hope that we can offer you as much love in return that you have shown us on our rocky path.  I can’t wait for the day that we introduce our baby to the world and in that moment we will look to you with a heart full of so much thankfulness that you were there for us when we needed you most.

Thank you,

Your Friend,


When life gives you lemons - get a little help from your friends

When life gives you lemons – get a little help from your friends

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