Being Chipper

Today two people commented on how ‘chipper’ I seemed to be.  Was it a coincidence?

The first, my husband: At 0645AM this morning as I was bouncing around the kitchen preparing our packed lunches, Chris pointed out how chipper I was for first thing in the morning.

The second, my boss: At 0900 as my boss logged into his computer, I gave him a brief update on what had happened whilst he had been away for the past two weeks (not much).  He pointed out how chipper I was.

Wow.  Apparently I am chipper today!  I know it had absolutely nothing to do with getting a good nights rest, because I had a crappy nights sleep due to our dear cats  running around in the middle of the night like there were 500 mice loose in the house.  But actually, I did feel quite cheerful and energetic today.  Perhaps there really was something in the process of writing down about how I wasn’t  depressed, just lost. in my blog post yesterday evening…may be thinking it through and ‘labelling’ where I was at helped me feel just that little bit chipper today?  Or perhaps I have just been a bit of a grumpy old cow for a while now and that the simple act of smiling is a change for me!?!

I don’t know….but today I was just expressively happy!


(But knowing what I know about what the phenomena of ‘coincidences’ and what they truly are – they are not really coincidences, but rather events that happen to be similar because we like to look for those patterns that are important to us…for example the old saying, bad luck comes in threes…only because we look for the bad luck we find that it comes in threes. … Now if 4 people had said I was chipper…..)

Chipper bear

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