I love surprises!

Yesterday I was complaining about random sharp pains in my uterus, unusually painful that I was doubling over. It turns out there was a good reason! 

I was trying to get a piece of work finished that I needed to send out before I left for the day, and I was battling with a Microsoft word table, merging and splitting cells over and over (give me an excel table anyday and I’m all over it!!). I was fighting time that was quickly slipping away because I needed to be at my dodgeball season finale tournament!!! So, as you do when you are doing a mundane task of formatting, copy and pasting a crappy table, I needed to pee. Of course, about an hour before I started this task I needed to pee already, but I was too into my work! And for something I thought was going to take 10 mins, took me over an hour. I could feel myself busting to go to the loo, but I kept holding off!! It had been an unusually warm March day, and so I had been sweating a little, and with that and working my socks off I thought I was just sweating down there – yes down there in my lady underwear!!! Plus the added issue of needing to pee I also wondered if I had just let out a bit of urine! But when I eventually stood up to pack up my things and go home I quickly realised – nope…I was bleeding! What a perfect time to be wearing light grey tight trousers!!! 😫

So that was my long story of my period surprised me. All the pains make sense now. I guess I’m just having a really crappy once every so often in a lifetime period, probably also as a result of being after the hysteroscopy. It’s only 4 days early…so not that bad! I’ll call my nurse tomorrow to schedule IVF round 3! Yippeeee!

Oh and my other surprise today? My bill for the biopsy from the hysteroscopy arrived. My clinic forgot to tell me about that $500 bill I would have to pay! 

18 thoughts on “I love surprises!

    • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

      I think I was on the border line of if it started two days later, I would have had to do another week on the Birth Control, so there is something to be said about early Aunt Flow!!!!

      Yes, my insurance does cover it, we just have to pay in full then claim it back – so some warning for credit card spending planning could have been helpful from the clinic!!! It’s been a tight month with all the bills coming at once!!!


  1. Nara says:

    Ah, we are period and IVF buddies! Btw I asked Dr S whether the period would make a difference and he said down reg overrides your natural cycle anyway so not to worry. And my clinic said as long as it’s not more than a week out that I should do down reg as normal. My Buserelin injections start on 27 March!

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    • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

      I am pretty excited about getting this cycle going now! Ahhh dodgeball I released some of that built up aggression!!! I might have accidentally hit someone in the face and hit a poor girl very hard on the back as she coming off court (I thought she was playing! Honest gov’ner!) We came third…which sounds pretty good! Except there were only 5 teams!! It’s such a fun sport to play!!! I saw you play volleyball (I like volleyball, I’m just not great at digging!!!) – have you played dodgeball too? It’s so much fun!!


      • 30yr old nothing says:

        Hahaha it sounds fun. We have a league but I really have no upper body strength to throw the ball, I tried. Yeah our volleyball playoff is on Tuesday. I’m not good either, we always make the playoffs but never win. We play kickball in the Spring and Summer. That’s my favourite.


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