Pain after hysteroscopy

I’m pretty much used to various pains from my irritable bowel syndrome and my painful periods…but since my hysteroscopy I’ve been having really short sharp pains that radiate from uterus for a second, then disappear. It’s been random and a couple of times a day, and so haven’t thought anything more of it. But today at work I’ve doubled over a couple of times, noticeably in front of colleagues, and then been absolutely fine. The pain just disappears. I’m getting closer to the start of my period so I guess that is why it’s getting worse. I’m not very good at knowing whether this is normal or not, so when I speak with the nurse again I’ll ask. I didn’t need any pain killers at all after the procedure last week, so maybe it’s completely unrelated to the hysteroscopy  or maybe this is to be expected ☹

On a slightly related note, I’ve been figuring out when our third IVF will be with the new Lupron down regulation protocol. Depending on when my period starts this week, we could be starting stims the 1/2 April or the week after that! I’ve got the ball rolling with pre-approval from my insurance, I’ve got my birth control pills ready, I’ve stocked up on CoQ10 and new this cycle – melatonin! I’ve checked with my doctor and I can start the birth control pills before my results from the hysteroscopy appointment next week, if all things are good on that front I then start the Lupron for 2 weeks. I’ve also been clearing my work diary too and scheduling in some leave that I postponed from cycle 2. Fingers crossed, things at work will be a little easier going.


13 thoughts on “Pain after hysteroscopy

  1. Gaijin says:

    Hello, I’ve been following your blog but never commented so here is my first!

    I too, took melatonin and coq10 on my most recent cycle. We got 24 eggs, 10 blasts. 6 were pgs good. I’m 34 and on my cycle last year I got comparable results… 10 blasts yet only one pgs embryo. That’s a stark contrast. I really do believe in my heart that the supplements made a difference. Best of luck to you.

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    • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

      Hey there Gaijin! Thank you for sharing!!! I took 2.5mg of melatonin this eve…and I’ve been taking coq10 now regularly for over a year. I’m intrigued to see if it helps! Although it will be difficult to figure out if the melatonin made a difference because I’m changing protocols! Anyway I’m blabbing, lovely to meet you!!!


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