The Enhanced 2 Week Wait

It’s kind of like I’ve received my invite to join the pudding club, I’ve completed my application, I’ve done my best to fill everything out correctly, I’ve been thanked for my application and told I will be welcomed, subject to approval!  But there is a pause….no one is communicating with me, my doubts are creeping in.  May be they found something in my application that they don’t like.  May be I won’t be joining the pudding club after all.  This period of waiting is what I am calling the “Enhanced Two Week Wait”.

During this period of time, it doesn’t take much to make me stop and think about what might be.  And when I think about what might be I briefly hold in the tears.  Sometimes it’s tears of sadness and other times it’s tears of relief and happiness. 

With the sadness I think what might happen if we look at the screen and there is no fetal pole or no heartbeat.  I won’t be able to hold those tears back.  The immense sadness will wash right through me.  I  won’t be able to not think about the injections, the pain from the OHSS, the tiredness, the surprising love for someone I have never met….all for nothing.  It will be for nothing with a cruel ending that results in a horrible painful bloody mess.  It will all have been for nothing. 

And then sometimes I’m on the brink of tears of relief and happiness.  With the happiness I think what might happen if we look at the screen and there it is…wobbling around in there – only just the size of a grape, unknowing as to how much it is loved and wanted to be held in our arms.  I will feel relief that it was all worth it; that I am proud of ourselves sticking to the path on this rocky journey. 

I will keep these little thoughts in the back of my mind that will continue to creep every single time I feel a pain in my uterus for the next week, reminding me something is going on down there.  Just 5 more days and one of these opposite realities will come to fruition.

I am just over half way into this ‘enhanced 2 week wait’, and there is absolutely nothing I can do but patiently wait.  It’s been a tough first week being away from Chris in a country where there is a 6 hour time zone difference…picking up the phone to talk has been challenging with the nature of our work, it doesn’t help.  I’m becoming a pro at giving myself these progesterone injections, I even gave myself an injection without icing the area first.  It turns out that it just stings a little bit afterwards so it wasn’t too bad pain wise.

I have had sporadic pregnancy symptoms, which doesn’t fill me with confidence, but I know that this is the case for many women who go onto have successful pregnancies.  I just can’t help but err to the side of negativity. 


Peeing a lot.  I have been on this plane for just 4 hours and have been to the toilet 7 times already. Boobs.  They don’t like being touched or leaned on (i.e. lying on my front is painful!!) Sorry Chris, no boob touching just yet!! 😉

Nausea.  I have had only a couple of instances of being on the verge of puking, but these were easily resolved as soon as I got some food in me! 

Tiredness.  It has been a hard week with work and travelling to Europe I’ve had little opportunity to catch up on my sleep so I am constantly yawning.  I have even set my alarm a couple of times this week for 10-15 minute PKs (Power Kips). 

Period type pains.  These pains don’t last very long maybe a minute or two and come randomly in waves.

Actually listing out all these symptoms makes me realise that perhaps I am a bit more pregnant than I really thought I was!  In addition to this I am still suffering from OHSS albeit a lot less.  Twisting my torso around or bending down/reaching up still is painful.  😦

I hate to wish my time away in this life, but I really wish it was Thursday already!

14 thoughts on “The Enhanced 2 Week Wait

  1. Nara says:

    I completely understand how you’re feeling because I feel that way too! I’m just starting the enhanced two week wait. I don’t even have my scan date yet (as official test day was yesterday) but the NHS usually scans at 6 and a bit. I’m so hoping that you have the best news. Xx


  2. flatwhitetogo85 says:

    You poor thing! I totally sympathise about your enhanced two week wait. It’s awful that after everything you’ve been through, with all the heartache and waiting waiting waiting, you finally get a massive glimmer of hope and then….HAVE TO WAIT SOME MORE. I so hope that time passes quickly for you over the next few days, and I really hope it’s good news at the end of all this waiting!x x x


  3. Amy M. says:

    The waiting and wondering is the absolute worst part I feel!! Even now at this point it’s hard to wait until the next appointment to make sure things are going the way they’re supposed to. When do you go home? Hopefully you’ll feel at least a little better once you get home to Chris. It does sound though that things are going well, with the things you’ve listed as symptoms. I found that things came and went with symptoms early on, so don’t feel bad about that. Thinking of you!!!


  4. dinksbydefault says:

    Yep, wait wait and wait some more… Thursday will be here before you know it and then you will be anxiously awaiting the next milestone! I know it’s hard but try to enjoy it 🙂


  5. valleyally says:

    I do think you are more pregnant than you realize… That being said, I can only imagine how difficult these first few weeks are. It’s like you ran a marathon and crossed the finish line… But some judge came up to you said you need to keep going. *sigh*. Here’s to hoping you get the most amazing second wind and the reassurances to keep running 🙂


  6. EmilyMaine says:

    Ugh I remember this feeling so well. I felt like my life was lived in two week intervals when we were TTC – 2 weeks for stims (thereabouts), 2 weeks for PGS, 2 weeks from ov / transfer to determine pregnancy, 2 weeks between every flipping early scan. I ended up squeezing a few extras of those in due to the amazing OB. So this post really does bring that all back for me. Big hugs. Thursday will be here so soon xx


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