The PC Diary: A week to remember

The Pudding Club Diary @ 13w4d

I started this blog post a week and half ago, things have been crazy busy that I have now only just had a chance to finish it.  So let’s go back in time……..

It’s a very exciting week! Here’s why…

I heard Rocky’s heartbeat again at my OB appointment!!! I held my breathe as my doctor held the doppler over my belly and there was nothing…it just took a few moments more and there it was!  Nice and strong at about 160bpm. Phew. I also had blood taken for the Non Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) and Fragile X test.  We should get the results 7-10 days, so some time next week (including the gender).

We bought a house!!! We put an offer on a house back in April, it was a short sale (which means that the sellers are behind on their mortgage payments and may go into foreclosure or in negative equity and are short on paying back the full amount owed) so we were dealing with the bank, and the bank holds all the cards, and so it has taken some time to complete the sale.  Last night we had the final walk through the property to make sure it was still in one piece (it was), and today we closed (completed) and got the keys to the house!  The house needs some TLC and updating, but it is move in ready once it has been cleaned (it hasn’t been lived in for a year) and re-painted.  We properly move in in two weeks!!!

And this is as far as I got to….I can’t even remember what the other exciting things were  because the next week and a half have been a complete blur.  Or may be I have pregnancy brain.  It was a week to remember mostly because Rocky is still alive as we go into the second trimester and we bought a house.  Or so we thought…..

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