Your Rights During a Miscarriage

This is a good post…you have many rights when you experience a miscarriage, but many don’t know how to get the care they deserve and need. Asking the doctor for a sick note is also something you have the right to do…my doctor would have written me a note for two weeks, but for me I needed a few days off and then wanted to be at work, so I only took 2 days plus the weekend, but that is not right for everyone. Everyone is different and unique in both circumstances and coping mechanisms.

Your Rights During a Miscarriage.png

When it comes to birth more and more women are realizing the rights and the amount of choices they have.  We are slowly seeing a shift in provider and hospital protocol in our country towards respecting the rights of the mother to make choices in her care and that of her baby.   Birth plans and questionnaires are becoming more common and hospitals are tiptoeing their way into care that places the respect and love for mothers and babies ahead of profit and efficiency.  It’s very slow, yes.  We are far from where we need to be but the movement has been growing for years and is finally making some headway in mainstream birth.  But just as it is true that mothers have the right to a dignified birth and true evidence based care, they also have a right to that when it comes to miscarriage.

Regrettably, this is not always the…

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