It’s a…..

The Pudding Club Diary @ 17w2d (26 July 2016)

I could have easily waited until D-day to know the gender of Rocky, but Chris wanted to know before then.  So I thought it would be mean to make him wait just because I would like the surprise.  Plus it would be awkward if one of us knew and the other didn’t.  It would accidentally slip out and then I’d be upset.  One of the reasons I could easily wait is because there is a chance that they get it wrong! But there is something to be said in being prepared.  After all, the shops are mostly geared toward either baby girl or boy clothes.   So we planned to do a gender reveal at our housewarming party.  But the plans to arrange the cake and the housewarming for the same day proved challenging, so we eventually decided to find out the gender quietly on our own.

At my 17 week OB appointment we asked the doctor to tell us the gender discovered from the Non Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) I took at 13 weeks.  For three weeks we had the ability to find out the gender, but we waited for the right time.  The doctor said she would put gender in an envelope for us to take home and open later at a more private moment – that was very thoughtful of her.

We waited a whole 15 minutes after getting home before opening the envelope.  I was actually quite excited about opening it in the end….

…..the piece of paper said “It’s a girl!!!!”

It was a slightly strange moment because of course we would be thrilled with a girl or a boy!  For me, it wasn’t a surprise.  I had a very vivid dream at around implantation that Rocky was a girl, and had many dreams about having a girl since then.  I didn’t think that my dreams were just because I really wanted/not wanted a girl, rather they felt more real.  So finding out Rocky is a girl didn’t surprise me…in a different way, Chris seemed a lot less ambivalent at the news than I expected him to be.   So it was a strangely less fanfared moment than we expected and it is difficult to explain why. Perhaps it’s because there is so much attention paid to this moment we expected more, perhaps it’s because we didn’t open it in front of friends and family – there just seems to be a lot of hype about this moment – but actually we are just thrilled to be having a baby – girl or boy!!!

This seemed like a good moment to announce our pregnancy.  Probably 95% of our friends and family already knew our we were pregnant, but none knew the gender!  So we announced it with the help of our kitty Diesel…..

 Chris keeps saying ‘Girls are trouble!’…I have a sneaky feeling she will have him wrapped around her little finger 😊 

We do have some names picked out, we still have a bit of filtering out to do, but we will ultimately choose the exact name on D-day. So for now, Rocky remains her nickname. Our little fighter.


12 thoughts on “It’s a…..

  1. cakeitso says:

    AHHH congratulations, that’s so exciting! 😀 I love the photo with Diesel, too, so cute, haha. I’m with you – V has always said he would want to know and I said I’d rather be surprised but it seems mean to make him not know just because I didn’t want to. Or he’d find out and I’d be annoyed that he knew and I didn’t! I like your compromise, and that you could find out together in a more private moment.

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  2. EmilyMaine says:

    Congratulations! I got really freaked out about having a girl when we found out. It was weird for us too. But oh my, she is amazing and such a joy for our family. I am still freaked out about keeping her safe as she gets older and more headstrong hehe but I have similar but different fears for my boy. Plus for the boy I feel a huge pressure to raise him to be a great man who is respectful to women. Anyway, they are both fun and bring joy to any family. Enjoy 🙂

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  3. Nara says:

    Woohoo!!! I need to say what mine is. It’s all a bit weird as we keep referring to the baby as what he/she is but… I think T wants to keep it slightly quiet. But he blurted it out to our friends! Ha. Many congratulations on your daughter!


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