So, do you want children too?

So, do you want children too?

Multiple choice answers, you only get one chance to get the right answer:

A) Reply smoothly, “Yes, some day soon – kids are cool”.

B) Reply, indignantly “No, never ” (By the way, did you know that you just spent 10 minutes complaining about kids taking up all your free time – you have put me off them for life).

C) Reply, matter-of-factly “Yes, actually we going to be making one in a petri dish next month, maybe even two.  Hopefully that will do the trick.”

D) Pretend to see someone calling you from the other side of the room and run away, trying not to cry until you make it to the toilets.

This weekend I went to a beautiful wedding back in the UK, my friend from school was tying the knot!!  I lamented in my last post about drinking alcohol at the party and dreading answering the question why I wasn’t drinking.  In the end, I decided to have a couple of drinks, but only a glass of champagne and glass of wine – I also tried a bit of gin and tonic (ohhhhhh how I miss you gin and the bitter-sweet taste of tonic water with a slice of tongue tingling lime).  I will say, that having not being used to these beverages I was a little tipsy – in a good way – it went straight to my head!  But a merry affair was had 🙂  It was just the most lovely wedding and I am so happy for my friend that she has found love with a rather lovely gentleman who will treat her well.

The wedding was at a beautiful venue in a harbour on the South coast (a tad windy!)

The wedding was at a beautiful venue in a harbour on the South coast (a tad windy!)

Right, back to the subject of this post.  Without thinking much about having to answer the question “Why are you not drinking”…I forgot about the classic question that came a bit out left of field “So…how about you, do you want children?”.  And to make matters worse, the question came from a ‘high school ex boyfriend’ who I haven’t since in as many years.  He had just spent several minutes talking about his kids (who, by the way, were two adorable little cuties who are super bright) and he then just came out with the question.

So which multiple choice answer do you think I gave???  Well, for some reason I decided to go with C: “Yes, actually we going to be making one in a petri dish next month, maybe even two.  Hopefully that will do the trick.”  I don’t know why it was my instinct to say it, but then the conversation just got awkward after that.  Damn it.  I hate awkwardness.  I won’t be using that answer EVER again 🙂  I’ll stick with A: “Yes, some day soon – kids are cool”.

8 thoughts on “So, do you want children too?

  1. Wifey says:

    While answer A is probably the best to give in most situations, I use answer C a lot. I’m just really raw and honest sometimes and I know that makes people uncomfortable, but to hell with their feelings, right? 😉

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  2. babylossmama says:

    I’ve gone with “we’ve been hoping to for a long time.” Usually shuts people up right quick! Though I always want to be snarky (I find it a very rude question) and say something like “the next time my spouse and I have a conversation about our family planning, we’ll be sure to invite you over.”

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  3. Mrs Chook says:

    I love that you chose C! So many times I have wanted to say that (to nosey busy bodies) but haven’t plucked up the courage! I tend to reply with A but then that can often lead to the “well you don’t want to wait too long…” conversation. Can’t win!


  4. Erin says:

    I loved your answer! It’s honest and refreshing from the “infertility” perspective. I can only imagine the look on his face! 😂


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