Random happenings on our first night out in a while

I am trying hard to keep my eyes open, but I don’t want to miss out of NaBloPoMo15. I have a bit of jet leg confusion going on with my body right now….it has no clue what time zone it is in.  All I know is that I am currently in Germany and am due to start working in approximately 8 hours :-s

Speaking of confusion, we went out with friends to have a couple of drinks on Friday evening, at our new local brewery.  It opened up at the end of our road which is perfect because we can both drink and not drive!  During the evening, I went to the toilet only to discover blood in my knickers.  Not much, but enough to make me wonder what the hell was going on. I was on cycle day 11. That’s not supposed to happen! I had a pad with me so it wasn’t a big deal.

—–Note——Last night I fell asleep at this point whilst writing this post!  I woke up at midnight with my laptop still on my lap and I had slept sitting up in bed for an hour!! There were random sentences and words typed after this point.  Who knows what crazy things I was thinking semi-asleep! So I never made it to posting this on Sunday. Whoops- there goes my blogging every day in November promise to myself!  Oh well good intentions and all that…anyway…back to the story!!!——

After freaking out a little bit, realising that there is nothing I could do, and I wasn’t in any pain, I returned back to my friends.  They were talking about going to a strip club.  I’ve never been to this kind of club before, everyone else had.  I panicked  – I didn’t want to go far from home just in case I started bleeding heavily.  So I made up an excuse that I couldn’t possibly go to a strip club with my husband because it would be weird! As you can probably imagine, this excuse wasn’t a sufficient enough reason to void the trip to the club. (although it is true that it would be a little bit weird to go to a strip club with my hubby!)  Eventually, I explained why I really didn’t want to go.  And it was kind of weird because I couldn’t explain it well.

My friends are lovely and understood, but really I couldn’t understand it myself.  It was the first time Chris and I had been out for a couple of drinks together in quite some time.  Why did my body have to go and ruin it?!

The bleeding stopped the next morning.  Who knows what it was and why it happened.  Perhaps it was a delayed response to the HSG test.  One thing I do know is that I am getting used to the unexplained!!!

11 thoughts on “Random happenings on our first night out in a while

    • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

      I suppose experiencing these things earlier in a relationship is a good thing rather than waiting til after getting married!!!
      Thank you – I think with the help with others perhaps it was most likely a result of the HSG test and not much more to think about 🙂

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  1. dinksbydefault says:

    We have friends (3 married couples) who went to a strip club after a day of drinking and one couple walked out of said strip club no longer as a couple (they were divorced soon after). So whenever tipsy friends suggest strip club (jokingly or not), I absolutely refute the possibility. I know the divorced couple had other issues contributing to their demise, but I think booze + spending money to see other women’s body parts is not really a good equation for partnership. Anyway, so you didn’t miss anything 😉

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  2. libraryowl33 says:

    I had bleeding on Friday as well. But, I soon realized it must be from my sono as it was old and didn’t last long. I wish the Drs had warned me so I didn’t freak out when I saw it!
    I would never go to a strip club with hubby. That just sounds like a recipe for disaster. Glad you had an excuse!

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  3. cakeitso says:

    Boo, body, what the heck? I’m sorry your evening was spoiled by it. 😦 Also, I think the HSG is a pretty likely culprit. I know I bled a fair bit after both my SHG and HSG – more than I’d been led to expect, for sure.

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  4. Anamarie says:

    I’ll be the weirdo on the other side of the strip club experience! I have only been to a strip club once and it was with my husband, and we had a lot of fun! Granted we were already married and had been together for like, 10 years already, lol. I’m sure that factors in. But really, we had fun. It wasn’t weird or uncomfortable and we occasionally entertain the idea of going again but we always agree that it’s a complete waste of money lol. It was a fun experience but it’s not something we would do on the regular. Never know unless you try! And disclaimer I swear on everything I love my hubby and I aren’t like swingers or something lmao.


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