The Childless Analyst

I don’t really talk about my job much from the pure and simple fact that it is quite a dull subject to talk about.  But today I wanted to share with you something that happened this week.

I was observing a student class who had a task to describe the ‘persona’ of an analyst.  They had a template to fill out that included things like: name, role, tasks, products they produce, skills….their family and draw a picture of the analyst.  Now considering this is meant to be a ‘typical analyst’….there was always going to be some stereotyping involved with this task.

And here is what the students came up with:


They filled in the box under ‘Family’ a big fat X…i.e. no children.  They then discussed that in actual fact the analyst probably has a cat and some fish instead.  Well, apart from getting the name DAVE wrong, if they put DANI in the name box they would have been pretty accurate and I would have given them full marks!

But I simply sat there in disbelief as the students discussed why they put a big fat X in that ‘family’ box.

So, today I decided to give up Trying To Conceive because I have a greater desire to fit the stereotypical childless analyst in the eyes of my peers.  I haven’t discussed this with Chris yet, but I am sure he will be pleased that he can now get some fish again (he misses his fish)……

……….IN OPPOSITE LAND……..!!!!!!


NaBloPoMo November 2015

8 thoughts on “The Childless Analyst

  1. calcandide says:

    Ha! I’m an analyst, and my husband and I started out with 2 cats (no fish, though). We’ve worked our way up to 3 cats and 3 dogs (still no fish). I’m curious to know the reasoning behind analysts not having families, though.


  2. Alan H says:

    I think that their view of what an analyst looks like, is a bit more like me than you Dave…. Sorry, Dani!!

    As analysts, we have a greater desire to try and explain the outlier, rather than be part of the norm. You’ve been bucking the trend since the day I first met you at work – this is par for the course.

    Keep smiling xx


    • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

      Bahaha….you crack me up 🙂 Just because you are a man, Dave is more like you? Well I have a boys name AND it begins with D…sooo actually I think your statement is incorrect…..We will never shake off our inner Daves if we like it or not 😉

      Actually, they did a really good job of describing an analyst – I said that they need to give me a pay rise because of the long list of tasks and skills we have to do compared to ‘other’ team members 🙂

      You do make me smile Alan! X


      • Alan H says:

        Anything that can get you a pay raise is a good days work!! I like the thought that we’ve all got an inner Dave – whether we’re Dave or not!!

        Hugs from across the pond xx


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