THAT moment

The Pudding Club Diary @ 16w3d

Chris and I had THAT moment last night. THAT moment when you realise you have the summit in sight, when the pain, tears and anxiety were ALL worth it.  And we haven’t even met our little one yet.

As I was getting undressed for bed I pointed out my ‘bump’ and it’s definition.  Chris went to put his hands to it.  I let him…which is not a usual occurrence because if you are a follower you will know my personal issues with my stomach and understand that I still struggle with this.  But I also know I have to let Chris feel the little one too.  The day before, I lay in bed before work just staring at my naked tummy for about 20 minutes watching little Rocky squirming around in there.  I still haven’t really felt Rocky move, but I definitely have seen him/her moving in the past week or so.  That evening as Chris reached out to my tummy – he exclaimed…”I can feel Rocky!!”.  We looked at each other, and we were both teary eyed in that moment.  It was a moving moment.  Silently we knew what this meant.  It was real.  It wasn’t on some computer screen…it was physically real, in our hands. Our baby is alive and wriggling.

So amazing 🙂


20 thoughts on “THAT moment

  1. Amy M. says:

    Fabulous!! My chub kept this from happening as early as yours, but B did finally see my belly move last week! She still doesn’t really let us feel her…hopefully soon she won’t have anywhere to hide lol!

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    • thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

      I have started to feel Rocky a whole lot more this week, I had a happy tear to myself last night when I finally felt a kick of some sort against my hand! I am feeling very lucky 😊 I’m pretty sure Cadence won’t have anywhere to hide very soon and you will feel that too 😍

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      • Amy M. says:

        Yeah it’s getting much more prominent! I got a good video of her moving last night, but I can’t post it here unless I upgrade my account and pay for it, and I’m not doing that lol.


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