When using the counting method…

If you use then counting method with your partner when injecting you with your hormone of choice…you should agree in advance at what number you are finishing the injection at! Especially if you choose not to watch.

Last night was Ovidrel shot time.  As Chris counted down, I moved away at 3, he was planning on going to 4, as I wasn’t looking – ouch!! I moved away just as he was pulling the needle out of my abdomen.  I Was a tad sore afterwards and still am ūüė¶

By the way. I decided to read the bumpf that comes with the ovidrel injection. Under the section about how ovidrel is made it says…

The production process involves expansion of genetically modified Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells from an extensively characterized cell bank into large scale cell culture processing…

This tickled me, does it have to be from the Ovaries of a Chinese Hamster? Could it be from the ovaries of a Russian Hamster? But they are fluffier so maybe not…

Cycle Day 11 Ultrasound – its’s go go go for IUI #2

Today I went in for my Cycle Day 11 Ultrasound to check my uterine lining and follicle maturation.  The doctor was a little more smiley today than the last time she performed the ultrasound.  I felt a little more at ease this time around.

So here are the results from my ultrasound:

8mm Uterine lining – that’s apparently very good

3 follicles in total: 2 in the left ovary, 23mm & 16mm in size and 1 in the right ovary, 25mm.  All three looked good.  So more of a chance of multiples than last time :-s, but it is a risk we agreed to take.

Chris asked the doctor about the last cycle where two of my follicles were a bit bigger, were we too late and missed our chance?  But the doctor said that with letrozole, follicle size can be up to 28mm.

Tonight we get to do the ovidrel injection and then IUI is scheduled for 0800 Saturday morning. Woohoo!!! (but not woohoo to the injection though, that stuff is just mean).

My first ‘self’ injection and my true valentine hero

I wish wish wish I had video recorded my experience with my first ‘self’ injection with Ovidrel.¬† It would have been pure comedy and had you all rolling around in stitches.¬† But I didn’t video it because I had no space left on my iPhone and at 1130pm I was too tired to be bothered with all that.

I worked my self up into a bit of a nervous panic knowing I had to do this self injection.  Fortunately, the evening was spent mostly distracted with a romantic dinner at a lovely local restaurant.  There were 6 courses and I was stuffed silly by the end.  The last thing I felt like doing after all that food was grab the fat of my tummy and stick a needle in it.

I watched several you tube videos with other people doing the injection.¬† The instructions given to me were pretty clear to follow, but I wanted to see other people’s experience with it.

Here is one adorable couple trying the injection for the first time: http://youtu.be/Yv_KvnNfCOg

And another lovely couple: http://youtu.be/Gm7AkZgVHkA

I wanted to be able to do¬†the injection¬†myself, and I tried, I really did.¬† But every time I came to put the needle on my skin I freaked and stopped myself.¬† So I asked Chris to do it.¬† But then he was nervous and didn’t look comfortable doing it.¬† So that made me more freaked out more.¬† So I closed the bathroom door and tried to do it again on my own.¬† But I just could not bring myself to do it.¬† So I called Chris back in.¬† We agreed I would hold my tummy skin, and I would look away.¬† He was just as nervous as me, and is not particularly good with seeing needles either.¬† So he counted.¬† On two he stabbed me gently, then counted to three til it was all the way in, then counted one – two whilst he¬†injected the drugs¬†in and was out on three.¬† So six seconds in total and it was all over with.

It didn’t hurt, but I felt really queasy afterwards, it’s just the thought of the needle that always gets me.¬† We had a good giggle about it afterwards.¬† Afterwards I felt overwhelming love for my husband; he overcame¬†his own fear because I was too chicken to do it myself.¬† This was his greatest valentines gift to me ever.

My what big follicles you have – all the better for inseminating with!

Today is Cycle Day 11 and I attended the first ultrasound for my first ever Intrauterine Insemination (IUI).  The clinic were very efficient today, I was in and out within 15 minutes.  I sat waiting in the examination room for the doctor to arrive, and there on the wall was a poster explaining the differences between fraternal twins and identical twins РA handy guide or perhaps more of a handy reminder of the increased risk for multiples with IUI.  Today, the doctor had a student shadowing her, I had no problem with this, but I think he looked a bit awkward throughout Рbless his cotton socks.

The doctor showed the student my good uterine lining – apparently three lines is good.¬† This is all new to me, so I appreciated her explaining everything.¬† I had two follicles in the right ovary (as I had predicted) one 20mm and the other 28mm.¬† I also had a teeny tiny one in the left ovary, only 6mm, but she said it might be nothing.¬† So I am ready to go.¬† They don’t open on a Sunday, so my appointment is on Monday 16th Feb.¬† As a romantic Valentines day gift, I get an injection of Ovidrel at 1130pm.¬† Not looking forward to this given my phobia of needles.¬† I am undecided yet whether I will do it myself or get Chris to poke me in the abdomen.

This is all assuming my medication arrives tomorrow as freedom fertility pharmacy have promised me.¬† Today I called them to check the status of my order with regard to my insurance approval.¬† They had the approval for the Ovidrel, but not yet negotiated the progesterone.¬† I don’t understand how this system works in the background, but from what I understand, it is crazy.¬† So I said I would go ahead and pay full price for them rather than wait for the insurance company to do its thing.¬† If it is covered, then I can just try to claim it back later….but I needed my meds ASAP!

The progesterone was $49 and the Ovidrel was $123 full price, with the insurance agreeing to pay up, my 10% copay made it only $12.30.  Not too bad.

Cost of this IUI cycle, full price:

  • Meds inc. letrozole, ovidrel & progesterone: $311
  • Ultrasound: $225
  • Sperm Wash:$140
  • Insemination:$225

Total: $901

Expensive stuff!! Chances of success? Our doctor told us our chances were about 20%.¬† Advanced Fertility.com breaks down the success rates even further depending on age, sperm mobility and treatment options. Apparently there is a 7.6% chance of success with one follicle, and an increase chance to 26% with two follicles. Wooohooo!¬† But those numbers are still pretty small. there is almost a 4 in 5 chance that we won’t conceive.¬† Putting it like brings you back down to earth.

Fingers crossed for a Valentines baby (Just like Chris is!).¬† Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

Freedom Fertility Pharmacy Fail

My nurse recommended freedom fertility pharmacy rather than my usual pharmacist, Walgreens, because the ovidrel trigger shots and progesterone suppositories are much cheaper if my insurance does not cover it.¬† Sounds great, I said, let’s do it!

So once my prescription was ready freedom fertility pharmacy dutifully called me via a robot, who then proceeded to tell me there were no free reps available at that time, please call back later.¬† Unfortunately, every time I tried to call them back their lines were busy and I was put on hold for aaaaaages.¬† Usually I don’t mind waiting if I can leave my phone on speaker and wait for a representative to pick up.¬† Unfortunately freedom fertility put in ads and notices over the music.¬† Something I don’t really want my colleagues around me listening to.¬† So I gave up.¬† Then there was the snow storm and they were closed.¬† Eventually when I did get through to them several days after they called me, I arranged delivery of my meds for 11th Feb (Cycle Day 9).

Later that day I had a missed call from freedom fertility.¬† I thought it was probably the robot that kept calling me to say I had to call them, so I ignored this.¬† If it wasn’t the robot I’d get another call.¬† And I did not get another call, so I wrongly assumed all was well.¬† This was until yesterday when I came home expecting my meds to have been delivered.¬† Nothing, nudda had been delivered.¬† I had no missed calls asking me where my house was (a frequent occurrence from delivery people) and no email saying delivery had failed.¬† So first thing this morning I called them up.

‘Oh’, the representative said, ‘your order was cancelled because your insurance card expired.’

My insurance card doesn’t expire! And no one bothered to check with me????!??!?!?!?!?! BAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

So I re-confirmed the insurance details, which went through correctly this time (why couldn’t the other lady have done that when I was on the phone last time??).¬† I said I needed the delivery ASAP because I will probably need to do the trigger shot this weekend.¬† ‘No problem’, the lady said ‘we will get it to you tomorrow, stay with your phone today in case we need anything else from you’.

As I am driving home this evening I had another missed call from freedom fertility.¬† So I call them back as soon as I could….

‘we are sorry, we are currently experiencing a high caller volume, please hold’ DOUBLE BAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Luckily for them someone answered within three rings.

The representative said ‘we have to have authorisation first’….Okaaaaaay….I said ‘sure you have my authorisation!’ I thought this was for payment as I had previously set a limit on my card.¬† Then there was this awkward silence.

‘So we can put the meds on hold then?’ the lady on the phone said.¬† ‘Ummmmmm, wait, what? No?¬† I don’t understand, we may have our wires crossed’ I asked thoroughly confused.

The lady realised she was talking to a bit of an insurance process idiot and explained that the Ovidrel shot required prior authorisation from my insurance company first.¬† I thought to myself, isn’t that what I checked with my insurance company the other day?¬† No – apparently the insurance company have to check with the doctors about something, they will do that within 24 hours. So you are telling me that even though a doctor has prescribed me some medication, they still have to check with them?¬† I am sooooo confused.

So let’s hope that my follicles aren’t quite big enough at tomorrow’s ultrasound and I can wait another day.¬† I am sure the clinic will help me figure it out tomorrow if I do need the shot sooner.

Eeeeeeeeeeek!  Why is it all so confusing???!?!